November 8, 2023

Joseph Smith, the Prophet a collection of Sites and Stories

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The Prophet Joseph Smith was told his "name should be had for good and evil" throughout the whole world. That prophesy has come to pass, multiple times over. How do you know what is accurate information on the prophet Joseph Smith, and what are lies told by his enemies and enemies of the Church? This collection of information on Joseph Smith is not to convince anyone, one way or another. This collection of Joseph Smith stories are faith filled, documented stories of the Prophet Joseph Smith and life life.

The life of Joseph Smith, is a life worth studying, recognizing the sources of information, and what the source is trying to teach. Every author has a bias, what bias are you looking to align yourself with. As mentioned, this collection is a faith-based accounts on the life of Joseph Smith, my bias is faith based, if you are looking for information to promote your faith I hope this collection will help.

General Information on the Prophet Joseph Smith

Here is the link to the Church's site on Joseph Smith. This page has a lot of great information on the Prophet Joseph Smith. If you do not know where to start when learning about the prophet Joseph Smith, this is a great beginning:

Fun Facts about Joseph Smith. This blog post on Joseph Smith is a compilation of simple facts on the prophet Joseph Smith. Easy for all to read and good, simple, true facts on the Prophet Joseph Smith.

5 of the Best Books on the Prophet Joseph Smith. Here are five books that have been personal favorites while learning about the prophet Joseph Smith. There are many books on the Prophet Joseph Smith, but many times it is hard to know if they will be good, faith-based books. These books on Joseph Smith have helped me gain greater appreciation of the Prophet, and learn more about his life. if you really want an in depth study on the Prophet Joseph Smith, this is the place to go. So much research and so much information on the Joseph Smith papers. Get ready to learn a lot, this is a great tool, it is a lot of information.

Best Talks and Podcast on the Prophet Joseph Smith. Here is a collection of great talks and a podcast about the Prophet Joseph Smith, with general information about his life and his contributions to the world, they are really great resources when learning about Joseph Smith.

Documented Accounts of those who knew Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith’s Countenance by Mary Elizabeth Lightner: Mary Elizabeth Lightner recorded a life changing experience, when she was in a room full of people. While Joseph Smith was reading in front of the room, he stopped, got very pale, almost translucent and asked the people of the room if they knew who was in their midst? The Saints guessed it was an angel of the Lord, and Joseph told them it was the Savior. Again, this is told by an eye witness, Mary Elizabeth Lightner, a women witness.

Joseph Smith’s Home Teacher. Home teaching is a program of The Church to "watch out for your neighbor" some say it's "assigned friends." The same program is renamed to be "ministering". In the time of Joseph Smith, it seems as though there was this same program, and a young man was assigned to visit the Prophet Joseph Smith and his family. It would have been a little intimidating to check on the prophet Joseph Smith, but Joseph's lightheartedness is endearing.

Stephen A. Douglass and Joseph Smith Prophesy. Joseph Smith prophesied to the Judge(at the time) Stephen A. Douglass. That Douglass would aspire to the office of the President of the United States. Joseph Smith prophesied that if Douglass would turn his back on the Saints he would not win his bit for president. This came to pass when Douglass ran against Abraham Lincoln in 1857, this was thirteen years after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Edward Hunter on Joseph Smith's death. If anyone is interested to know how beloved the Prophet Joseph Smith was to the people of The Church, read the accounts of the death of the prophet Joseph Smith. Here is simply one account of thousands, but it is a good one.

In Defense of Joseph Smith- This blog post is an account of John Taylor, the third prophet of the restoration, defending the prophet Joseph Smith. This account was written after the death of the prophet Joseph Smith. The name Joseph Smith has always brought strong reactions to people, from the time he said he saw God the Father, until today. John Taylor, a friend of the prophet, defended Joseph Smith and his defense is powerful.

Family Members of Joseph Smith

Parents of the Prophet Joseph Smith are Joseph Smith Sr. and his wife Lucy Mack Smith.

Siblings of Joseph Smith are: Alvin, Hyrum, Sophronia Smith McCleary, (Joseph), Samuel H. Smith, William Smith, Katharine Smith Salisbury, Don Carols Smith, and Lucy Smith Millinkin

Emma Hale Smith the wife of the prophet Joseph Smith.

The children of Joseph and Emma :

Early life of Joseph Smith

Sharon Vermont Joseph Smith Birth Site

Birthplace Monument of Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith's Leg operation

Joseph Smith Family Palmyra Site and Stories

Smith Family Home and Sacred Grove

Palmyra Church History Sites:

Palmyra Temple. This post is a compilation of five different articles sharing special stories and facts on the Palmyra Temple. From the very beginning with the Prophet Joseph Smith seeing God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, to the preserving the Smith Family land, to the building of the sacred Palmyra Temple, this area of New York is very special to Latter-day Saints.

Hill Cumorah

Marriage of Joseph Smith to Emma Hale Meeting and marrying Emma Smith was a blessing from God. Even with the objection of Emma's father, the young couple married and found happiness. Read more from the link above.

Joseph Smith finding the “Right Person” to obtain the Gold Plates. Joseph Smith was told he could receive the Golden Plates if he brought the "right person". Joseph searched for "the right person" for a long time, and finally knew it was his future wife, Emma Hale Smith.

Martin Harris Tests Joseph Smith Martin Harris was a believer of Joseph Smith, but also did not want to look like he was being tricked by Joseph Smith. Martin Harris tried multiple times to see if Joseph Smith was a deceiver, and tried to "catch" the Prophet Joseph Smith on multiple occasion, but each time Martin's testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith grew. These stories of Martin Harris are powerful, because the first members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints were not simply blind followers, but they were faithful, truth-seekers. Read Martins story from the link.

Kirtland Sites and Stories

Gathering in Kirtland was a trying experience. Here is the story of the Mother of the Prophet leading a group of Saints to Kirtland. Lucy Mack Smith’s bringing Saints to Kirtland Miracle. This is one of the most amazing stories of the Mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith. It was through the faith and prayers of the Mother of the Prophet Joseph Smith that the Saints were able to make it to Kirtland, it is truly an amazing miracle!

The Kirland Era was a powerhouse time of Revelations from God. The revelations received by the Prophet Joseph Smith in the Kirland Era are powerful and changed the world. The Kirtland Ohio’s Revelations direct us, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ today. There was so much knowledge given to the Prophet Joseph Smith at this time, it is simply amazing. It seems as though Kirland is when Joseph was changing from a boy to man.

Joseph’s Kirtland Ohio Accomplishments this blog posts covers some of the amazing accomplishments of the Kirtland Era. There were so many revelations and much direction given to the Church during the Kirtland Era, it is a great time to study.

Kirtland Era and Future Prophets. The Kirtland Era was a time when the future Prophets were being baptized and trained. These men ended up leading The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints until 1901! Kirtland was a powerful time of learning and growing.

Joseph and Emma’s Twins in Kirtland Ohio. Emma and Joseph Smith had a very hard time having children of their own. In Kirtland they were given twins when the mother of the twins died. Here is the story of these little babies.

Emma Smith Homeless in Kirtland. Kirtland was a time of building the Church, but it was hard to balance it all with Joseph and Emma being so young and having to figure it all out. While Joseph was gone building the Church Emma was left to the generosity of others, and it was a hard place to be sometimes. Read about Emma's story in this blog post.

Kirtland Temple

Joseph Smith Missouri Years Sites and Stories

Liberty Jail Liberty Jail, where the Prophet Joseph Smith spent a long winter, suffering, freezing and almost starving. This post on Liberty Jail is a compilation of information on who was involved, what happened and tips on visiting Liberty Jail.

Zions Camp. Before Joseph Smith moved to Missouri, he gathered a group and named them 'Zions Camp' to avenge the wrongs of the Saints who had been thrown out of the homes, and the state would do nothing to help. Here is a compilation of posts of what was Zions camp, and what happened.

Adam-Ondi-Ahman This post is a compilation of posts on what Adam-ondi-Ahman is, stories and what to expect when visiting the site.

More Missouri Sites This is a list of many important places to the early Saints of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Missouri was a very hard time for the Saints, but they knew the promises of the Lord, and the Saints carried on.

The Betrayer of Joseph Smith in Missouri, George M. Hinckle

Joseph Smith's Nauvoo Properties and Stories

Nauvoo Illinois is commonly referred to as "The City of Joseph". Joseph Smith, took a swamp land in Illinois and made it Nauvoo, also known as "city beautiful". Throughout the streets of Nauvoo, a wholesomeness and love is evident, through the building and care it took to build the beautiful city. Although the Saints knew Nauvoo was not their final destination, they built the most beautiful temple, unrivaled by any building in the United States at the time. The Saints built homes to last lifetimes, even though they were only there a couple short years. Joseph Smith inspired the Saints to build communities that would last, and through the inspiration of the Lord the communities did last, into the Rocky Mountains and even communities that last today.

Joseph Smith and faithful people inspired by the Lord left a legacy of faith, hard work, dedication and complete reliance on the Lord. Through the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith brought a light back in this world, what was dark. All of this beauty is evident in the areas of Nauvoo rebuilt and preserved, Nauvoo is truly "city beautiful."

Joseph Smith Property Tours in Nauvoo, Illinois. This post is about the Community of Christ Tours through the Homes and properties of the Joseph Smith family.

Joseph Smith Homestead. Joseph Smith Homestead is an important part of Church History. This is the home Joseph and his family lived in when they first moved to Nauvoo, and helped so many while living in this home.

Mansion House. Where Joseph Smith and Hyrum's bodies were brought after the Martyrdom of the two brothers. This home was a special place for the Smith family.

Learn about the Nauvoo House. The Nauvoo House was started by Joseph Smith but not finished in Joseph's lifetime. Now the Nauvoo House is used for large group gatherings.

Joseph Smith Platform in Nauvoo Illinois. Joseph Smith's platform was built for Joseph to communicate with the Nauvoo legion before the death of Joseph Smith. This platform was near Joseph's properties.

Joseph Smith's Brick Stable Site. Joseph Smith had a large stable built for his horses. The barn is no longer there, but the site is, and it is marked with a sign post.

Tomb of Joseph Smith Museum, Nauvoo Illinois. This is a underground museum where the owner believes he's found the Tomb of Joseph Smith. They do know Joseph Smith had a tomb built for him and his family, but they are not sure this is the tomb, it is a pretty cool museum, and fun to see.

Joseph Smith Farm Site. Joseph Smith's family had a farm on the way to Carthage. It was a place where Joseph liked to go and work the land.

Smith Family Cemetery, Nauvoo Illinois. The Smith family cemetery is where the prophet Joseph Smith, his brother and his wife Emma are laid to rest. There are more family members in the Smith family cemetery, it is well cared for.

More Nauvoo Sites. Nauvoo is full of Church History sites, some known and some lesser known. This blog posts, has all the sites to visit!

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