November 11, 2023

Missouri Church History Sites with Stories

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Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a very challenging beginning, in the 1800's. The prophet Joseph Smith prophesied Zion would be located in Missouri. When the Latter-day Saints gathered in Missouri so did the powers of the adversary. It became legal in Missouri to kill any member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and this law was not taken off the books in Missouri until 1976.

Although, the Missouri years for the members of the Church were challenging, it was also a time of miracles. The Lord showed the Latter-day Saints that strength is through Him, and the lessons learned by the Saints changed the members forever, creating a strong people, dependent on the Lord. This blog posts is a great reference for an overview of the Missouri years. Learn more about the prophet Joseph Smith, who received revelations from God about the Missouri area.

Independence Missouri Church History Sites

Independence Missouri Visitors Center. The visitors center Independence Missouri is a great visitors center with educated and prepared missionaries. The tour through the visitors center talks about the Plan of God, and also the pioneers from the area and what happened. For more details on he Independence Missouri Visitors Center, click the link above.

Independence Missouri Temple Lot. Learn about the Independence Missouri Temple lot, who owns the lot, and what the prophesies of the lot were from the prophet Joseph Smith.

Bishop Partridge Home Site

Zion's Camp Sites and Stories. This post is a compilation of stories and sites pertaining to Zions camp. It answers what Zions Camp was, what happened during it, and the markers and graves commemorating the people who died and participated.

Jim Bridger Grave, Jackson County Missouri. The famous explorer, Jim Bridger is buried in Jackson county Missouri, about 2.5 miles away from the Temple site. Jim Bridger was pivotal in exploring the expansion on the railroad, and connecting the United States together.

Independence Landing and the Missouri Crossing

Jackson County Missouri Jail Site

Other Sites in Independence Missouri

Historical Walking Tour Independence Missouri Sites 1-6. Each stop on the Independence Cities Historical Walking Tour has Church History people and places. From purchases of land for the temple to where members were tarred and feathered.

Historical Markers Walking Trail Independence Missouri 7-14 W. W. Phelps printing office is number 7 on the Historical Markers Walking Trail to the oldest buildings owned by Latter-day Saints. There is so much Latter-day Saint History in this Independence Walking Tour.

Troost Park Monument in Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City Missouri Temple. The Kansas City Missouri Temple is a beautiful temple symbolizing how the area has grown. This Temple stands out in the landscape, and is in a beautiful area. This post gives facts and information on the Kansas City Missouri Temple.

Lewis and Clark Expedition Marker, Missouri. United States History site in Kansas City, Missouri

Liberty Missouri

Liberty Jail, Site and Stories, Liberty Jail is a well known historical location for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This post is a collection of information on visiting Liberty Jail, and first hand accounts of what occurred during this dreadful time for the prophet Joseph Smith and his friends.

Alexander Doniphan Historical Marker

Joseph Smith Rebuking the Guards in Richmond Jail. While in jail in Richmond, the guards harassed the leaders of the Church, but when the guards stared talking about the abuse they inflicted on the Latter-day Saint men, women and children the Prophet Joseph Smith rose and rebuked the guards. Read more from the link above.

When Missouri Mob Tried to Kill Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was betrayed by the captain of the Mormon Militia. Joseph thought he was going to meet for peace talks, when he was arrested. Read more from the link above.

8 Witness Monument Liberty, Missouri

Far West Missouri

Visiting Far West, Missouri Caldwell County Far West Missouri information and overview.

Far West Temple Site, Missouri. This blog post is a compilation of information on the Far West Temple Site, what it is and what it means to the Latter-day Saints.

Adam-ondi-Ahman Sites and Stories. This post is a collection of information and stories for learning and visiting the site Adam-ondi-Ahman. When you arrive at Adam-ondi-Ahman there are no missionaries to greet you, and not many signs explaining sites, this blog post will help prepare you for what to expect.

Hauns Mill, Millstone

Richmond Missouri

David Whitmers Grave, Richmond County Cemetery, Richmond Missouri David Whitmer, one of the three Witnesses of the Book of Mormon is buried in the Richmond County Cemetery. You can find information on how to find his grave, from the link above.

Three Witnesses Monument, Richmond Missouri The three witnesses monument is in the Richmond Missouri cemetery, where Oliver Cowdery is buried. This post explains more about the area and what you will see while in the area.

Stories of Church History in Missouri

Pioneer woman, Laura Clark Phelps-Helping her Husband escape from Missouri Jail. This is a story about a women, Laura Clark Phelps inspired to know how to help her husband and other member of the Church escape from false imprisonment during the time of mob rule in Missouri.

Missouri Mob and Amanda Barnes Smith Prayer Amanda Barnes Smith pled to God to heal her son, after a brutal attack on her small town. Her story of faith and determination is one that all should know.

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