November 9, 2023

Best Talks and Podcast on the Prophet Joseph Smith

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  1. "Joseph Smith Praise to the Man" by President Gordon B. Hinckley 1979

President Hinckley started his talk by informing the audiance of a man who is doing a campaign against the prophet Joseph Smith. President Hinckley went on to talk about the reasons he trust the prophet Joseph Smith. His first reason was to ask the question "explain the Book of Mormon." Without a the help of God that book would not be possible.

2. "Joseph Smith through the eyes of those who knew him best" by Truman G. Madsen and his wife Ann Madsen.

This talk focused on stories collected about the Prophet Joseph Smith. Faith promoting, powerful stories about the character and life of the prophet Joseph Smith.

One beautiful story from the collection of stories from the Trumans was the story of Joseph Smith by his wife's side while she was sick:

"I saw him by the bedside of Emma, his wife, in sickness, exhibiting all the solicitude and sympathy possible for the tenderest of hearts and the most affectionate of natures to feel. And by the deathbed of my beloved companion, I saw him stand in sorrow, reluctantly submitting to the decree of Providence, while the tears of love and sympathy freely flowed. Joseph took charge of the funeral ceremonies, strictly adhering to my husband's wish that there should be no military or other display at his burial as had been but a short time before on the occasion of the burial of Joseph's brother, Don Carlos.

This indeed was a time of sorrow, but I can never forget the tender sympathy and brotherly kindness he ever showed toward me and my fatherless child. When riding with him and his wife Emma in their carriage I have known him to alight and gather prairie flowers for my little girl."

This, first hand account came from Sis. Mercy R. Thompson, the wife of Robert B. Thompson, one of the prophet's hard-working secretaries.

3. "The Life and Character of the Prophet Joseph Smith" by William E. Berrett. 1964

William E. Berrett spoke on the importance of the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Explaining how Joseph Smith gave the world information that changed the it for the better. He speaks on the imperfections of the the prophet Joseph Smith, and how the Lord constantly reprimended the prophet, and the Prophet Joseph Smith sought to improve. He spoke of the love Joseph Smith had for others, and how people trusted him. The best part was how the prophet Joseph Smith hated eating alone, so much so, that he would call people in off the streets to sit with him for meals.

Joseph Smith Podcast

The best podcast on the Prophet Joseph Smith, that I have found is "Joseph Smith: BYU Speeches." This podcast has taken talks given in conference and throughout time on the Prophet Joseph Smith and compiled them for all to listen to. These speeches are excellent and the podcast has done a great job gathering excellent talks on the Prophet Joseph Smith. They are great!

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