November 11, 2023

Liberty Jail, Site and Stories

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Liberty Jail is one of the most notorious locations in Church History. The agony that the prophet Joseph Smith and his friends faced in Liberty Jail is documented in Doctrine and Covenants 122. The agony and suffering of Joseph Smith and prisoners is undeniable.

Joseph Smith, his brother Hyrum, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, Caleb Baldwin, and Alexander McRae were imprisoned in Liberty Jail on false charges, on crimes supposedly committed during conflicts with the Missourians.

General Information on Liberty Jail

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has put together a brief synopsis on Liberty Jail, why it happened and who was involved. You can find the information on the link here:

The lawyer who famously defended the prophet Joseph Smith, through the mob persecution was Alexander Doniphan, and you can find out more about him here.

Visiting Liberty Jail

The Church of Jesus Christ has a visitors center at the Liberty Jail site. There is a replica made of the original jail, made from remnants of the original Liberty Jail. You can find more information on this site here: Visiting Liberty Jail Visitors Center, Missouri

Stories and Personal Accounts of Liberty Jail

Often, when studying Liberty jail, the focus is on Joseph Smith, and the other prisoners, but the hardships were on all involved, including the families of the men jailed. Hyrum Smith's wife was pregnant when Hyrum was taken to Liberty Jail. The mobs were ruthless to all the members of The Church, and here is Mary Fieldings account of what was happening at the time: Mary Fielding Smith, Hyrum Jailed in Liberty

Alexander McRea was a prisoner with the prophet Joseph Smith, and his wife and children were home tryig to defend themselves against the angry, terrible mob men. This story is of Eunice McRea, while her husband was in Liberty Jail, she faced the wicked mob-men with a powerful strength. She was an amazing woman. Here is her story: Eunice McRae Pioneer Women

Other Missouri Accounts of the Time

Pioneer woman, Laura Clark Phelps-Helping her Husband escape from Missouri Jail. This account was not at Liberty Jail, but a different Missouri Jail. This story is about a Latter-day Saint women who was guided by the Spirit to know how to help her husband escape from a false imprisonment.

Alexander Doniphan Historical Marker. Alexander Doniphan was one of the few who stood up for the prophet Joseph Smith during this time of Mob Rule in Missouri. Doniphan was remembered as a strong man who defended those who were trampled by wrong.

Missouri Mob and Amanda Barnes Smith Prayer. Amanda Barnes story is one of the most miraculous stories of healing during the horrible mob time of Missouri. Amandas story of being guided and directed by God on how to heal her son is miraculous.

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