November 11, 2023

Zion's Camp Sites and Stories

This map below was created to help find other Church Sites and Articles. Each point will have articles in the description about that point

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Zions Camp, the training grounds for leadership of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The events that took place during the march of Zions Came is very important in Church History. The lessons learned during this short period of time stayed with the members of Zions Camp for the rest of their lives. Zions camp was led by the prophet Joseph Smith. This was a gathering of Saints to defend members who had been driven from their homes by angry mob men.

What is Zions Camp? For general information on Zions Camp, here is the blog post to read.

Zions Camp (post 2)For a bit of a deeper understanding of the events of Zions Camp, this is a great blog post.

Zions Camp Memorials in Independence Missouri and Paris, Illinois. If traveling through Missouri and Illinois, here are some Zions Camp Memorials, to commemorate the sacrifice of people, for people in need. These people were willing to sacrifice their lives for others. Here is the link to information on the memorials Zions Camp Memorials in Independence Missouri and Paris, Illinois

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