February 7, 2023

Joseph’s Kirtland Ohio Accomplishments

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There was extraordinary growth, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, during the Kirtland Era. The Prophet Joseph Smith too grew exponentially in Kirtland. Joseph Smith grew in his abilities and his confidence as a Prophet of God and as a man. Here are some of the greatest accomplishments during the Kirtland time:

-Joseph Smith received eighty-four revelations from Heavenly Father in the Kirtland era! He received revelations on how the church should be run, organizations of the auxiliaries, the temple, and much more. You can read more about his Kirtland revelations here.

-Heavenly Father taught the Church, through his prophet Joseph Smith, about the priesthood specifically how the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods were organized.

-The truths and organization of the primitive Church were restored with the twelve apostles and the quorums of the seventies. Both were organized during the Kirtland era.

-Joseph brought more scriptures to light. He worked on translating the Bible and the Church also received the book of Moses and the book of Abraham.

-Missionary Work changed and grew during the Kirtland Era. With more revelations received Joseph Smith went out as a missionary and sent other faithful members out to Canada and the British Isles, along with other parts of the United States.

-Joseph Smith built a schoolhouse/printing office. The printing office was a big deal for the speading of the gospel and communicating with members of the Church. They did not have other ways of communication, and printing The Book of Mormon along with revealed revelations made a huge difference in the work of the Lord. Printing helped the members of the Church and missionaries throughout the world.

-The building of the Kirtland Temple could be classified as the biggest accomplishment of the Kirtland era. Heavenly Father needed a place to come here on Earth. The teachings of the temple and the keys of the priesthood being restored to the Earth has changed the whole world and generations of people. The Kirtland Temple was the biggest step in preparing for Gods covenants and ordinances being given to His Children again in this world.

With all the revelations, blessings and progress in the Church during the Kirtland era, there were powers of darkness working to stop the progress of the church. With persecutions, hardships and apostasy to counter all the good that was being given to the members. Even with all the problems coming at the prophet Joseph Smith, Joseph still worked to accomplish what the Lord required of him.

The Kirtland era ended when the prophet left the area. Joseph was told, by the Lord, that his life was in danger and if he stayed he would be killed. It was hard to leave the beautiful area, where so much had been done in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Satan worked hard to end the work of the Lord, but instead the work of the Lord moved to Missouri.

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”Joseph Smith’s Kirtland, eye Witness Accounts” by Karl Ricks Anderson (p.232-233)

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