January 16, 2024

Lewis and Clark Expedition Marker, Missouri

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A fun historical site, right out of the history books, is the Lewis and Clark Expedition Marker in Kaw Township Missouri.

This historical marker stands at 8th and Jefferson in Kansas City, Missouri. This marker is placed at this location because this location was passed by the Lewis and Clark company at the beginning of their expedition.

Lewis and Clark began their "Voyage of Discovery" in 1804 from St. Lewis. Missouri. The group sailed up the Missouri River, past Jackson County, and then continued westward to the Pacific Ocean.

Members of the expedition explored the recently obtained Louisiana Purchase, which was acquired from France in 1803, by President Thomas Jefferson.

The party camped in Kansas City Missouri for three days, from June 26-June 29th in 1804. The camped near the mouth of the Kansas River. This marker is just above the explorers campsite below on the Missouri River bottoms.


"Sacred Places Missouri a comprehensive guide to early LDS Historical Sites" p. 132

For the exact location of the marker click the link below:


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