November 7, 2023

Independence Landing and the Missouri Crossing

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In November 1833 the Saints were kicked out of their homes by an angry Missouri Mob and forced to cross the Missouri River into Clay County. A view of where the Saints of Independence crossed in Missouri, can be seen 3.2 miles north of the Temple Lot or 1.7 miles north of the Mound Grove Cemetery. From the cemetery go north .3 miles to a tiny park on the left with a large rock, looking northward toward Cement City and just beyond that you can see the Missouri River Crossing site.

As you face the river, Old Independence Landing was in the distance to the right. Next to the landing, which is gone now was Everett's Ferry, which many exiled Saints used to cross into Clay County. The view is obscured by trees and by the changed river course. Near the river the route is largely inaccessible because of private property.

On November 7, 1833 Emily Partridge, Bishop Partridges daughter recorded this:

"The shores began to be lined on both sides of the ferry, with men, women, and children, goods, wagons,. . . etc. while the ferrymen were busily employed in crossing them over; and when night again closed upon the saints,. . . hundreds of people were seen in every direction; some in tents, and some in open air, around their fires, while the rain descended in torrents. Husbands were enquiring for their wives, and women for their husbands, parents for children, and children for parents. Some had the good fortune to escape with their family, household goods and some provisions while others knew not the fate of their friends, and had lost all their goods. . . The scene was indescribable."


"Sacred Places, Missouri" La Mar C. Berrett p. 74- 75

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