November 29, 2023

Prophet John Taylors Life with Sites and Stories

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The third Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints John Taylor, was the first prophet to be born outside the United State. He was next to the Prophet Joseph Smith when he was martyred in Carthage Jail, came across the plains to settle in Utah with the pioneers, and lived a full life dedicated to the Lord.

General Information on John Taylor

For general facts and information on the Prophet John Taylor, this blog posts starts it off. From the early days of John Taylor to being called as a prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, John Taylor led a full life. Prophet John Taylor

Stories of John Taylor

Amazing Conversion story, Prophet John Taylor. John Taylor was actively looking for the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. John Taylor had read and studied a long time to find the Church of Jesus Christ, and when missionaries from the newly restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints found their way into the the town of John Taylor, he was ready for them. Here is his story.

One of the most impactful events of the life of John Taylor was when he was in Carthage Jail with the Prophet Joseph Smith when Joseph was shot and killed with his brother Hyrum Smith. John Taylor was also shot, but was able to survive the wounds, Here are some articles pertaining to the tragic event: read more about it here: John Taylors wounds from Carthage Jail.

Visiting Carthage Jail, Collection of Historical Accounts

Poem of John Taylors Carthage Jail suffering

The home of John Taylor is a special home, knowing the difficulties of the time. The Quorum of the Twelve met in the home of John Taylor, after the death of the prophet Joseph Smith, to organize and council on what needed to be done. Here is a post on the home of John Taylor Home, Nauvoo Illinois

John Taylor fiercely defended the Prophet Joseph Smith. John Taylor knew the prophet Joseph Smith personally and was with him in Carthage Jail when he died. Here is the post with John Taylors words on who the Prophet Joseph Smith really was: In Defense of Joseph Smith,

John Taylor Calling a New Stake President. John Taylor was able to stay calm and measured when faced with difficult decisions. He was able to see the big picture, and this is one instance where John Taylor knew what the Lord wanted, and was ready to calmly address worries of others, knowing the Lord is in charge, its a great story!

Sites and Locations

Visiting Carthage Jail, Collection of Historical Accounts

Nauvoo Illinois

Ireland, John Taylor opened the country for missionary work.

Paris France, John Taylor served a mission there and translated the Book of Mormon to French

England, John Taylor was born in England and served a mission there and converted many

Germany, John Taylor served a mission in Germany

Tooele Utah, Calling a new Stake President

Logan Temple

Salt Lake City Temple

Salt Lake City Cemetery

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