November 28, 2023

Poem of John Taylors Carthage Jail suffering

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John Taylor was forever known as one of the men who escaped Carthage Jail, during the terrible attack that killed Joseph and Hyrum Smith. John Taylor went on to do many great things in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but Carthage Jail had changed his life forever. At the death of Prophet John Taylor this poem, by Eliza R. Snow was read at the funeral. Her verses appeared in the 'Times and Seasons.'

To Elder John Taylor- by Eliza R. Snow

Thou Chieftain of Zion! henceforward thy name

Will be class'd with the martyrs and share in their fame,

Thro' ages eternal, of thee will be said,

'With The Greatest Of Prophets He Suffer'd and Bled.'

When the shafts of injustice were pointed at HIM-

When the cup of his suff'ring was fill'd to the brim-

When his innocent blood was inhumanly shed,

You shar'd his affliction and with him you BLED.

When around you like hailstones the rifle balls flew-

When the passage of death opened wide to your view-

When the prophets freed spirit thro' martyrdom fled,

In your gore you lay welt' ring- with the martyrs you BLED.

All the scars from you wounds, like the trophies of yore

Shall be ensigns of honor till you are no more;

And by all generations, of thee shall be said,


The life of John Taylor was dedicated to building of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. From before John Taylor found the restored Church, he was drawn to religion and knew God had a specific plan for him. John Taylor did many important things in this world and will always be know for being with the prophet Joseph Smith when he died, and being the third Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint.

John Taylor became known as the man who survived the vicious attack on Carthage Jail, and ultimately that dreadful day was life changing. Carthage defined much of John Taylors life, constantly setting the record straight on what really happened. He was a fierce defender of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ, and did so until the very end of his life.


"Witness to the Martyrdom" edited by Mark H. Taylor p. 148

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