October 2, 2023

John Taylors wounds from Carthage Jail

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John Taylor, the third president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was in Carthage Jail when Joseph Smith was martyred. John Taylor and Willard Richards were left to tell the world how the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were innocently murdered for their beliefs. It is miraculous that both John Taylor and Willard Richards were left alive, through a hail of bullets, and left to be witnesses of the horrendous day.

At the time of the death of Joseph Smith, many of the Twelve were out on missions, and at the news of the death of the prophet they were on their way back to Nauvoo. Elders Taylor and Richards immediately wrote and article in the "Times and Seasons" on July 1, 1844 to the members of the Church. Urging the Saints to remain steadfast in the faith and be peaceable citizens, and told the Saints that more direction would be coming as the rest of the Twelve returned to Nauvoo.

When the Twelve returned to Nauvoo, the important meetings, big decisions for the Church had to be made. These crucial meetings took place in the home of John Taylor. While John Taylor was recovering from being shot five times in Carthage jail.

Ultimately John Taylor's wounds healed, but he always had a slight limp in his stride that became worse as he aged. The limp was most likely the result of the bullet that had lodged in his left knee at Carthage jail and never removed. John Taylor would let his children feel the bullet, still lodged in his leg, and instruct them to never forget how it got there.

John Taylor knew the Lord had preserved his life for a purpose and never let anything slow him down in the ministry!

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References: "Witness to the Martyrdom john Taylors personal Account of the last days of the Prophet Joseph Smith." p.129-132

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