November 18, 2023

Logan Temple Collection of Stories

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The Logan Temple has an incredibly rich history. With many of the well known people from Church History, and lesser known, faithful Saints, working to complete the temple and continue work in the temple. The Saints of Logan witnessed miracles and Heavenly manifestations, a reminder of how important the work of the temple is to this earth.

General Information on the Logan Temple

Fun Facts about the Logan Utah Temple- Learn some fun simple facts about the Logan Utah Temple. From the site selection, the plaster on the walls, and gutting it all in the 70's there are some fun facts about the Logan Utah Temple!

Stories about the Logan Temple

Logan Temple Stories: This blog post is a link to blog Book of Mormon Evidence. org where they have taken some stories from the Logan Utah Temple book about spiritual experiences of the people in the area. There are some pretty powerful stories.

Boyd K. Packer's Logan Temple Story. This blog post is a family story of the Apostle Boyd K. Packer. Elder Packers wife had family members who were asked to work on the Logan Temple. This blog post tells the story of a Native American man who wanted his temple work done, it is a pretty amazing story.

Logan Temple information, digging deeper

Historical Videos of the Logan Utah Temple. This blog posts links six parts of a well researched documentary on the Logan Utah Temple. The documentary begins with the land that the Logan Temple is built on, the relationship the Latter-day Saint Pioneers had with the Native Americans in the area and so much more.

Amazing History of the Logan Temple movie II. This blog post links a youtube video called "The Logan Temple, the early years." It goes into detail about the miracles of the Logan Temple. How the Saints were able to build the temple and all the miracles that went along with building the Logan Utah Temple. This is a great video to watch with your family.

More Sites in Northern Utah

Northern Utah is full of Church History sites, there are many fun pioneer stories and great people who lived in Northern Utah Latter-day Saints, Sites and Stories from Northern Utah.

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