December 1, 2022

Boyd K. Packer's Logan Temple Story

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The Logan Temple has a rich history with amazing stories! The Logan Temple is a special place to so many people for different reasons. Here is a story the late apostle Elder Boyd K. Packer shared about a spiritual experience his family member had after the Logan Temple was built.

This story is about a family that lived in Logan and sacrificed their time to help build the temple. The father in the family was friends with a Native American man that would stop and visit their family regularly, by knocking on their window. After the temple was built the man came to see the family again, but this time was different. The Native American Man again knocked on the window but wore a sad expression on his face. When the family went to open the door they saw there were no footprints in the snow and the man was nowhere to be seen. This bothered the family greatly and the father went to look for the Native American and after some searching he discovered the Native American man had passed away.

In due time, the man recorded, "Today I have taken care of his work in the temple." That very evening the father was was looking through the mail and again heard a sound at the window. When he looked up he saw his Indian friend, this time smiling.

He counted that a very sacred experience, and in the record of a great amount of work done by this faithful grandfather in this temple is found the name Be-a-go-tia.

The end of the article that states: “the course of the Lord is one eternal round." (1 Nephi 10:19, Alma 7:20, Alma 37:12.). Often times, we view our lives and the lives of those who have gone before us as separate and different. The temple connects those from the past to our lives today, and seeing that we are all together in this great plan of Gods. The sooner we recognize the connectedness the sooner our lives can be enriched.

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