December 7, 2022

Logan Temple Pioneer Stories

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The Logan Temple is full of history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Logan Temple is a special place, full of amazing accounts of the Spirit of the Lord. Linked is an article found on the website "Book of Mormon Evidence," with powerful manifestations of the Spirit. The accounts in this blog post were taken from the book “The Logan Temple: The First 100 Years” by Nolan P. Olsen

There are so many amazing accounts of people's prayers being answered from attending the Logan Temple, along with family members who have passed on trying to get their Temple work done. From Angels being seen by people around the Logan Temple, Nephite warriors protecting the temple and even Satan speaking about the powers of the temple and how he works to stop people from coming to the temple. All the stories are pretty interesting.

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Places to visit around Cache Valley:

Fun Facts about the Logan Temple

Historic Logan Temple Barn

Prophet Herald B. Lee’s birthplace marker in Clifton Idaho, just north of Cache Valley: Learn about the Prophet Harold B. Lee:

Captain James Willie’s Home, from the Willie Handcart Company: The Life of Captain James Willie

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Fun Facts about the Logan Temple

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