November 7, 2023

Latter-day Saints, Sites and Stories from Northern Utah

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Logan Church sites

-Logan Temple, is a special building to the Logan area. With many amazing stories from pioneer who sacrificed much for the building of the temple and the work of the Lord. The Logan Temple, along with its stories should be retold to every generation. This collection of Logan Temple stories and facts is faith promoting and a reminder of the Lords love for His children.

-Logan Tabernacle

Historic Logan Temple Barn the Logan Temple Barn was where they stored the horses for the people traveling long distances to go to the Logan Temple. Its fun that it is still standing. It is just around the block of the Logan Temple. It is .2 miles away from the Logan Temple

-American West Heritage Center, in Wellsville. About 11 minutes away from the Logan Temple.

-Old Tabernacle in Wellsville.

-Old Rock Church Bed and Breakfast

Brigham City

Brigham City Temple. The Brigham City Temple compliments that Pioneer Tabernacle in town, with the doors matching up, and the rock being quarried from the same stone quarry. The fun facts of Brigham City Temple post highlights the history of Brigham City.

Brigham City Tabernacle

Lorenzo Snow's Grave site. The fifth prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Lorenzo Snow was buried in the Brigham City Cemetery.

This is a very powerful story of the Prophet Lorenzo Snow, before he was prophet, raising a girl from the dead. This girls named Ella Johnson was very sick and knew she was going to die. After her death her parents called for Lorenzo Snow to come, and he called Ella back from the dead. This story took place in Brigham City, and Ella lived a long full life, and passed away in Brigham City. Here is her story: Lorenzo Snow Raising a Girl from the Dead!

Ogden Utah Church Sites

Fun Facts about the Ogden Utah Temple Learn about the Logan Temple, with these fun facts.

The Grandfather of the prophet Ezra Taft Benson lived in Nauvoo, but came with the Saints to Utah and died in Ogden Utah. He is buried in the Logan cemetery. Ezra T. Benson Home site Nauvoo Illinois.

Get to know the Prophet Joseph Fielding Smith was the prophet who dedicated the Ogden temple, along with matching Provo Temple. Learn some fun facts about the prophet Joseph Fielding Smith from the link above.

The Ogden Tabernacle is a very special building for the Saints of Ogden. Read about the apostles Melvin J. Ballards powerful Testimony given to the Saints in the Ogden Tabernacle. Melvin J. Ballards Witness of the Savior

A faithful pioneer couple who converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a home in Nauvoo, restored by The Church. This couple William and Ester Gheen were sealed together before Ester had to cross the plains without a husband but caring for her eight children. This couple is the great-great grandparents of Spencer W. Kimball. Ester Gheen is buried in the Ogden City Cemetery.

More Northern Utah Church Sites

-Old Tabernacle in Wellsville

The Life of Captain James Willie, the home of James Willie was restored by his great-great grandson and tours are available. The James Willie home is about 18 minutes from the Logan Utah Temple.

Martin Harris Grave- Martin Harris, one of the three witnesses of The Book of Mormon died in Clarkston Utah and is buried in the Clarkston Cemetery about 33 minutes from the Logan Temple.

Harold B. Lee Birthplace Monument, in Clifton Idaho.(about 30 minutes from Martin Harris's gravesite)

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