November 29, 2023

Joseph F. Smith Collection with Sites and Stories

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General Information

The life of Joseph F. Smith is full of heartache and determination. The son of Hyrum Smith and Mary Fielding Smith was orphaned at a tender age, and was guided by the Lord through very difficult situations. For general information on Joseph F. Smith click here: Get to know Prophet Joseph F. Smith

Stories from the Life of Joseph F. Smith

Many of the stories of Joseph F. Smith's young life are accounted in his mother's stories. When Joseph F. Smith became older, he was the person who spoke to congregations on his mothers courage and determination, and it is though the love and admiration of Joseph F. Smith that we have many of the stories of Mary Fielding Smith. To read about Mary, newly widowed crossing the plains with her family, the trials of Liberty Jail, when Joseph F. Smith was born, and more click this post here: Mary Fielding Smith, Collection of Sites and Stories

Joseph F. Smith Teenage Years

Joseph F. Smith Mission to Hawaii. Joseph F. Smith was only 15 years old when his mom passed away. When Joseph F. got in trouble at school, the brethren stepped in and called Joseph F. on a mission. He was called to serve in Hawaii and the link above is his story.

Later Years of Joseph F. Smith

Joseph F. Smith’s Vision. At the end of the life of Joseph F. Smith he had a miraculous vision of the Spirit Wold, where he say Jesus Christ after his death on the cross. This vision is now canonized in the end of Doctrine and Covenants 136.

Joseph F. Smith Visiting Carthage Jail. Joseph F. Smith avoided going to Carthage Jail and seeing where his father was killed for most of his life. He was finally talked into going back to Carthage and it was a heart breaking experience for Joseph F. read this story from the link above.

When Joseph F. Smith Saw Emma again. Years after the Saints left Nauvoo, Joseph F. Smith returned to Nauvoo and visited his Aunt, Emma Smith.

Places to visit learning about Joseph F. Smith:

-Far West, Missouri. Where Joseph F. Smith was born. Mary’s story

-Liberty Jail. Joseph F. Smith first met his father Hyrum Smith, while Hyrum was falsely imprisoned.

-Carthage Jail- Where Joseph F. Smith’s father, Hyrum died.

-Nauvoo Illinois- Joseph F. Smith lived as a young boy.

-Winter Quarters Temple- Joseph F. Smith helped his family cross the plains to Utah at age nine.

-Mary Fielding Smith’s house at “This is the Place Park”- Joseph F. helped build the house and lived there for a short time with his family.

-Salt Lake City Temple. Joseph served and worked most of his life in and around the Salt Lake Temple.

-Beehive House- He lived there with his wife. He received revelation of Doctrine and Covenants 138, in the bedroom of the Beehive House. Read about his vision here: Joseph F. Smith’s Vision

-Laie Hawaii Temple- Where Joseph F. Smith served multiple missions and announced the temple.

-Salt Lake City Cemetery- Where Joseph F. Smith if buried.

Church History Museum in Salt Lake City Utah

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