January 2, 2023

Prophet Joseph F. Smith Facts

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-Joseph F. Smith is the son of Hyrum and Mary Fielding Smith. Joseph was born in Far West Missouri on November 3, 1839, while his father was in Liberty Jail.(Read Joseph F. Smith’s mom’s story here.)

-In 1844, Joseph F. Smith’s father, Hyrum Smith, was martyred at Carthage Jail. Joseph F. Smith was only six years old.

-In 1848, Joseph F. Smith helped his family cross the plains from Nauvoo to Utah at age nine. He even drove an oxen team!(Mary Fielding Smith’s Story 1 and 2)

-Joseph F. Smith was baptized at age 13 in City Creek, in Salt Lake City.

-In 1852 tragedy struck the Smith family again, when Joseph’s mother, Mary Fielding, passed away from pneumonia. Leaving Joseph F. Smith and his sister orphans. Joseph was only 13 years old when she died.

-At age 13, Joseph F. Smith got in trouble in school for defending his sister. Joseph F. Smith beat up a teacher that was going to hurt his sister.

-At the young age of 15 Joseph Fielding Smith was called on his first mission to Hawaii. From ages 15-19 Joseph served in Hawaii. From ages 21-24, he served another mission to Great Britain. From ages 25-26 Joseph served another mission to Hawaii.

-At age 27, Joseph F. Smith married Julian Lambson on May 5, 1866.

-Brigham Young ordained Joseph F. Smith to an Apostle at the age of 27, in 1866. He was called as counselor in the First Presidency on July 1, 1866. He was later serve as a counselor to Presidents Taylor(1880), Woodruff(1889) and Snow(1898).

-Joseph F. Smith became prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at age 62. He was sustained on 17 of October, 1901 and served for 17 years as prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

-At age 76, Joseph F. Smith dedicated the site of the Laie Hawaii Temple, while he was there on business. This was the Temple announcement, this action was sustained by the brethren at the October General Conference in 1915.

-Joseph F. Smith died at age 80, in Salt Lake City Utah. He served as prophet for 17 years of his life and is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

-The Laie Hawaii Temple was dedicated one year after the passing of Joseph F. Smith. The temple was dedicated by President Heber J. Grant.



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