February 27, 2024

Joseph F. Smith Mission to Hawaii

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Joseph F. Smith, the sixth prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had a very difficult start to life, being born during the Missouri mobs, losing his father at age five and his mother while a teen. The leaders of The Church took an active part in helping Joseph F. through life and as a mere boy he receives his temple blessings in the old endowment house and was set apart to be a mission at age 15 by Parley P. Pratt.

On the journey to his mission in Hawaii, Joseph F. Smith was on the boat the fateful day of the boat incident with Lorenzo Snow. Joseph F. was told to get on the boat, which was a small dingy in rough water. Joseph F. Smith said "if you command me to do it in the name of the Lord, I will come, otherwise, no." He had to stand there in terrible anxiety when he sees the boat capsize and Lorenzo Snow disappear.

Lorenzo Snow later said that in that moment that when Joseph F. Smith said that Lorenzo thought "that young man is going to be a leader in the Church."

George Q. Cannon went out before Joseph F. and his group had given up, even the mission president. George Q. Cannon refused to leave and through prayer and tremendous inspiration he converted at least 100 on the island of Maui, and that was the beginning.

Joseph F. Smith struggled with the language, but was able to master the language in just three months. Joseph F. had a period of great sickness. The Natives were often sick, living in dirty areas with little means. During this time Hawaii did not look like it does today, it is very Americanized today, and that was not the case during this time.

At one point Joseph F. Smith got so sick, he felt like he was close to death. A wonderful native woman takes him in, as if she was his mother. For three months she nurses him back to health. Joseph F. was so young, and without a mother, this woman was a gift from heaven.

The Laie Hawaii Temple has beautiful symbolism pointing to motherhood. The fountain running down the front of the Temple symbolises how righteous mothers effect generations.

There is a tender sequel of Joseph F. when he is President of the Church and this women, who cared for him, is 90 years old. Joseph F. came to a gathering of the Saints and a little woman comes in at the back of the hall limping and carrying a little package of bananas and he recognizes her and he rushes down, embraces her, calls her over and over again "mama, mamma" and turns to Charles W. Nibley and says "This is the woman who cared for me, when I was a boy and sick."


"The Presidents of The Church" by Truman G. Madsen


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