December 2, 2022

Fun Facts about the Brigham City Temple

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-The Brigham City Temple is the 139th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Brigham City Temple is the 14th Temple in Utah.

-Brigham City is agricultural town known for growing peaches, berries, and small fruits. The big town celebration is named “Peach Days” and started in 1904. Within the Brigham City Temple temple designers incorporated peach blossoms into the window designs, on the exterior walls, sealing room carpet, brides room rug, door handles, crown moldings, paintings and furniture details.

-Elder Boyd K. Packer grew up in Brigham City and called the area where the temple is “sacred ground.” When he stared the groundbreaking ceremony he said “I am home.” He also went on to say “Can you imagine what it would take to preserve this spot for 150 years to wait until a temple could be built here?”

-The temple designers wanted to compliment historic tabernacle across from the temple. One of the things they did is have the Temple doors on the Brigham City Temple line up exactly with the tabernacle across the street from the temple.

-The rock used for the parking garage walls is from the same quarry that was used for the tabernacle instruction.

-The placement of the elongated and circular windows are patterned after the Logan Temple, Manti Temple and Salt Lake City Temples.

-There are 160 trees planted around the Brigham City Temple. There are very few temples that include fruit trees, but the Brigham City Temple has peach trees, apricot, cherry, pear, and apple trees on the property. Prior to the temples open house the temple missionaries were able to harvest the first fruit crop from the temples fruit trees. After the missionaries gathered the fruit they gave the fruit to President Packer. They said “He was among the first to have fruit from the temple.”

-The members in Brigham City are so awesome! The members took initiative and started bringing meals for the workers building the temple. Once word got out then more meals were brought for the entire crew from 100 to 200 people, several times a week. The members of the city would also bring treats for the temple builders as they left to go home for the day.


”Temple’s of the New Millennium” by Chad Hawkins

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