December 2, 2022

Fun Facts about the Ogden Utah Temple

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Ogden Temple Old and New Pic Credit: LDS

-The Ogden Temple is the fourteen dedicated temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Ogden Temple is the fifth temple built in Utah. It was dedicated in January 1972.

-The Ogden Temple was the first temple dedicated in the State of Utah, the other four Utah Temple had been dedicated in the Utah Territory!

-The Ogden Temple was the first temple to be completed after the Salt Lake Temple in 1893!

-The groundbreaking ceremony of the Ogden temple happened just one week before the Provo Utah temples groundbreaking ceremony. This was the first time in Church History when two temple groundbreakings happened in the same month! The two temples were nearly identical until the Ogden Temple was redone in the 2010’s.

-Ground was broken on the The Ogden Temple on President David O. McKay’s 96th birthday, and the prophet passed away just four months later.

-At the dedication of the Ogden Utah Temple, President Harold B. Lee finished the remaining one-third of the dedicatory prayer when President Joseph Fielding Smith became too weak from standing so long.

-Due to the efficient design of the Ogden Utah Temple it helped usher in an era of accelerated endowment work. During its first full month of service, the Ogden Temple outperformed the four other operating temples in Utah combined!!

-The Ogden Temple was dedicated in 1972, and after nearly 40 years of being on of the Churches most productive temples the decision was made to “remodel and architecturally change the appearance of the Ogden Utah Temple and it’s grounds.”

-The Ogden Temple’s exterior is granite stone from China. Each piece arrived to the temple site precut, numbered and ready for installation.

-After a three and a half year renovation project The Ogden Utah Temple was rededicated in 2014. The project totally transformed the exterior of the temple. While much of the interior layout remained the same, some rooms were reconfigured, and all of the auxiliary systems and interior design were replaced.


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