November 27, 2023

Wilford Woodruff A Collection of Sites and Stories

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General Information on Wilford Woodruff

Wilford Woodruff was a faithful member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who became the fourth Prophet of the Church. Wilford Woodruff was one of the best journal keepers of his time, and through his writings we have more knowledge of the past.

For interesting, general facts about the prophet Wilford Woodruff start here: Awesome Facts about Wilford Woodruff.

Early Years of Wilford Woodruff

Find out about the early life of Wilford Woodruff and the Birthplace marker of President Woodruff in Hartford Connecticut. Wilford Woodruff’s Birthplace Marker and Connection to the Hartford Connecticut Temple

A friend of Wilford Woodruff, named Robert Mason, had a dream of the gospel of Jesus Christ being restored to the earth, before Joseph Smith had the first vision. Wilford Woodruff knew of this vision, and was so excited to be alive to see the gospel of Jesus Christ restored to the Earth. Robert Mason died before he was able to see the gospel restored. When Wilford Woodruff first heard of baptisms for the dead, he made sure Robert Mason was one of the first to have his ordinances done. Read more about the vision of Robert Mason here: Vision of Robert Mason.

Hartford Connecticut Temple Facts and Information

Wilford Woodruffs Stories in the Early Church Years

Wilford Woodruff, along with Henry Brown, were the first missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Arkansas, they came from Clay Country Missouri. To read more about the gospel in Arkansas and what lead to the Bentonville Arkansas Temple click here: Bentonville Arkansas Temple

The Far West Temple was very important to the early members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There was a prophecy given about the gathering of the apostles, including Wilford Woodruff, to the Temple site, and here is the story Far West Temple Site Apostles Prophecy

More stories involving Wilford Woodruff in Far West Missouri. Read more about Far West Missouri here: Visiting Far West, Missouri Caldwell County

For a large list of Church History sites all over Missouri, this is the post to look through. Wilford Woodruff went through much in the Missouri years, and here are the locations in Missouri: Missouri Church History Sites

When the Saints first arrived in Nauvoo the sickness Malaria plagued the Saints. There was a miraculous healing through the power of God read more about that here: Miracle of the Malaria Healing in Nauvoo

In Nauvoo you can tour through the home of Wilford Woodruff. Read more about the home of Wilford Woodruff here: Wilford and Phebe Woodruffs Home, Nauvoo Illinois

Wilford Woodruff Later Years

When Wilford Woodruff was alone in the St. George Temple a vision was opened to him of the great men who helped establish the United States of America. The vision showed Wilford Woodruff that these great men and women wanted their temple work done for them. Wilford Woodruff worked hard to get the work for these great men done, read more about this amazing story here: Founding Fathers and the St. George Temple

Wilford Woodruff is one of the prophets buried in the in the Salt Lake City Cemetery, you can read more about the cemetery here: Prophet’s Graves at the Salt Lake City Cemetery

The people of Snowflake Arizona were prophesied that they would receive a temple, but it took a long time, but the prophesy of the Lord did come true. Read more about the Prophesy of the Snowflake Arizona Temple here: Waiting upon the Lord, Prophesy of the Snowflake, Arizona Temple 

Wilford Woodruff was the prophet who dedicated the Salt Lake Temple read more about the Salt Lake temple here: Fun Facts about the Salt Lake Temple-(Closed for Renovation-reopening date 2025)

Sites from the life of Wilford Woodruff

Hartford, Connecticut, birthplace of Wilford Woodruff

Missouri- Large collection of sites and stories of Church History in Missouri

Nauvoo- Large collection of sites and stories of Nauvoo Church History sites.

Winter Quarters Nebraska

Utah: Church History sites in Utah.

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