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Joseph F. Smith as a father

Joseph F. Smith daughter passing away, stories of Joseph F. Smith life

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Joseph F. Smith defending his Sister

Joseph F. Smith defending his sister to the school master Church History LDS

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Joseph F. Smith Mission to Hawaii

Joseph F. Smith first mission to Hawaii Church History LDS

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Saying 'Goodbye' to Hyrum

Joseph F. saying 'goodbye' to his dad, Hyrum Smith on the way to Carthage Jail

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When Joseph F. Smith Saw Emma again

Joseph F. Smith returning to Nauvoo and see's Emma Smith again years after Joseph and Hyrum died LDS

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Joseph F. Smith Collection with Sites and Stories

Joseph F. Smith prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints stories of his life

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Prophet Joseph F. Smith Facts

-Joseph F. Smith is the son of Hyrum and Mary Fielding Smith. Joseph was born in Far West Missouri on November 3, 1839, while his father was in Liberty Jail.(Read Joseph F. Smith’s mom’s story here.) -In 1844, Joseph F. Smith’s father, Hyrum Smith, was martyred at Carthage Jail. Joseph F. Smith was only six […]

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