February 29, 2024

Joseph F. Smith as a father

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Joseph F. Smith, the sixth prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, practiced polygamy and had six wives. His first wife was not able to have any children and Joseph F. married another wife, and the first wife later divorced him. He had many children by each wife, except the first. He had 48 children, five of which were adopted.

Joseph F. Smith had experienced great joys with his family, but also great sorrows. He had thirteen children die before his own death.

One of the hardest losses for Joseph F. was when he lost a 3 year old daughter, Jody. Joseph F. had spent a whole night at her bedside while she was ill. The night before she passed away she was delirious and filled with anguish. In the morning Joseph F. said "you did not sleep well, little Jody" and she replied "I'll sleep today, Papa."

In the Salt Lake Cemetery you can see the little grave of Jody, and the inscription on the grave says "I'll sleep today, Papa."

Little Jody knew she was going to die and her father, Joseph F. also knew she was going to pass on when she said those words to him.

After that day, Joseph F. had all his children call him "Papa", and his most endearing name for his wives was "Mama".

Joseph F. wrote a poem to his little daughter Jody:

"Oh Jody, my babe, I love thee. My ambition was to see thee shine pure and bright, amid Earth's knowbalist, i love thine innocent prattle and thy little footsteps, thy voice was as the music of the holy angel and thy cunning little ways more pleasant than enduring than the voice of love. Thou didst make me a better man for thy sake I love humanity, Earth and heaven more. Thou did draw me nearer unto God and purify my heart for thy sake I besaught God with greater faith and ferver on behalf of all children and my sympathy was aroused more keenly for those bereaved. Thy bright spirit lightened all my cares and made all earth to me, seem good. Oh my darling, how I miss thee."


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