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Make every trip a "Chruch history trip".
Logan Temple Pioneer Stories

The Logan Temple is full of history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Logan Temple is a special place, full of amazing accounts of the Spirit of the Lord. Linked is an article found on the website "Book of Mormon Evidence," with powerful manifestations of the Spirit. The accounts in this […]

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Boyd K. Packer's Logan Temple Story

The Logan Temple has a rich history with amazing stories! The Logan Temple is a special place to so many people for different reasons. Here is a story the late apostle Elder Boyd K. Packer shared about a spiritual experience his family member had after the Logan Temple was built. This story is about a […]

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Historic Logan Temple Barn

When the Logan Temple was first built there was a barn built to park the horses and buggies of the patrons, as they would come to do work in the Logan Temple. The barn was built in 1897 and is still standing today! The barn was one of two barns in the Chache Valley of […]

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Historical Videos of the Logan Utah Temple

The history of the Logan temple is rich and full of miracles that helped the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints grain greater understanding of their purpose on Earth. These youtube videos are awesome! They start from the beginning and go through the whole process of the building of the Logan […]

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Fun Facts about the Logan Utah Temple

-The Logan Temple is the second temple built in Utah, the first temple built in Utah is the St. George. -Brigham Young selected the site of the Logan Temple with his little grandson while Brigham was visiting his daughters that lived in Cache Valley. -The Logan Temple is the only temple dedicated by President John […]

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