February 2, 2024

Prophet Brigham Young with Sites and Stories

This map below was created to help find other Church Sites and Articles. Each point will have articles in the description about that point

(below the map is the rest of the article)

The second Prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a powerful leader, a city planner, a trailblazer and more. Here is a compilation of articles and location to learn about the life and legacy of the Prophet Brigham Young.

General Information about Brigham Young

Prophet Brigham Young for general information on the Prophet Brigham Young click the link.

Life of Brigham Young

Brigham Young’s Birthplace Monument

Zions Camp

Kirtland Era and Future Prophets

When Brigham Young Looked Like Joseph Smith

The Vision The Night the Book of Mormon was Received

“Bring them In” The rescue of the Willie and Martin Handcart Companies

Brigham Young Utah Locations

Winter Quarters

Salt Lake City Temple

Lion House

Beehive house

Salt Lake City Tabernacle

Cove Fort

Manti Temple

Logan Temple

St. George Temple Sites and Stories

St. George Temple Sites and Stories

History of Brigham Young’s Winter Home, St. George Utah

Young family cemetery

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