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Who is Brigham Young

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Brigham Young was born June 1, 1801 in Whitingham, Vermont. He was the ninth child of John Young and Abigail(Nabby) Howe.

Brighams family was a very poor farming family and had very little formal education. His mother taught him how to read and write.

When Brigham was fourteen years old his mom died of tuberculosis. Brigham moved with his father to Sherben, New York which is only fifteen miles away from Palmyra.

From a young age Brigham was good friends with Heber C. Kimball.

In New York Brigham started as a carpenter.

Brigham Young married Miriam Angeline Works in October 1824, he was twenty-three years old. Miriam is described as a “beautiful blond with blue eyes and wavy hair; gentle and lovable.” Together they had two children, Elizabeth and Vilate.

When Brigham Young was 30 years old he recieved a copy of The Book of Mormon from his brother Phineas, who recieved it from Samuel Smith.

When The Book of Mormon came into the Young family it seemed like everyone around Brigham embraced it quickly, but not Brigham. Brigham wanted to make sure he was making the correct decision. For a full two years he pondered the Book of Mormon, he studied and compared its teachings to the Bible. It was when Brigham heard the humble testimony of Eleazar Miller when it all changed. He was baptized April 14, 1832. Brigham’s wife Miriam followed three weeks later.

Soon after their baptism Brighams wife Miriam contracted tuberculosis and passed away in September 1832. Brighams two daughters were being cared for by Vilate Kimball. Brigham sold all his earthly possessions, and went on a mission.

Brigham married Mary Ann Angel in 1834.

Brigham served as a captain in the march for Zions camp.

When Brigham was 33 years old he was ordained as one of the original members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

When Brigham Young was 38 years old he was called on a mission to Great Britain. He served from September 1839-July 1841.

Brigham became the the President of The Quorum of the Twelve Apostles when he was 38 years old(14 of April 1840).

Brigham Young became leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints after the death of the prophet Joseph Smith in Carthage Jail. There were many who came out and said they should be the new leader of the Church but the Lord showed the members that Brigham Young was supposed to be the new Prophet in a when he looked like the Prophet Joseph Smith in a conference of the Church.

Brigham Young led the exodus of the Saints to the Salt Lake Vally in April 1847-September 1848.

Brigham returned to Winter Quarters in the falls of 1847 and it is there that the first presidency was reorganized on December 5, 1847. Brigham became prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on December 27, 1847 at Kanesville, which is not Council Bluffs Iowa.

Brigham Young became the Governor of the Territory of Utah on September 20, 1850.

He laid the cornerstone for the Salt Lake Temple (6 Apr. 1853), but he was not able to see the temple completed because it took place in 1893, sixteen years after Brigham Young had passed away.

Brigham Young was the governor through the The Utah War; he was released as governor after an eight-year term (1857–58).

The St. George Utah Temple was dedicated under his direction (6 Apr. 1877), just months before Brigham Young passed away.

He died in Salt Lake City, Utah (29 Aug. 1877).





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