April 5, 2024

Tucson Arizona Temple Fun Facts

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The Tucson Arizona is the 157th dedicated Temple in operation of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

It is the sixth temple built in Arizona following the Mesa(1927), the Snowflake Arizona Temple(2002), the Gila Valley Temple(2010), the Gilbert Arizona Temple(2014) and the Phoenix Arizona Temple(2014).

Gary H. Lundstrom, former Tucson Arizona North Stake president and current stake patriarch, recalled the joy and excitement that came at the announcement. “There were a lot of phone calls, texts, and a lot of tears,” he said. “The day had finally come for a temple here.”

The Tucson Arizona Temple is 38,216 square feet and 86 feet tall. The Tucson Arizona Temple sits on a 7 acre lot.

The Tucson Arizona Temple was announced by President Thomas S. Monson at the October 2012 conference. The temple was dedicated by Dieter F. Uchtdorf in 2017.

The Tucson temple is influenced by the Art Deco style and reflects the desert landscape of the American Southwest.

A unique feature of the temple is the blue central dome, constructed of a zinc-based tile imported from Germany and capped by a lantern and a gold-leafed statue of the angel Moroni. There are multiple domes throughout the city and the dome of the temple was made to fit the architecture of the rest of the city.

The Tucson Arizona Temple was originally designed with a 95-foot steeple, which would have required a special permit. However, plans were altered, and the steeple was replaced with a dome—reminiscent of the famous dome that crowns Italy's Florence Cathedral—that did comply with Pima County planning and zoning regulations.

The temple designers used the native Ocotillo plant and Paddle Cactus from the landscape around the temple. The Ocotillo plants symbolizes "thriving against all odds". The Paddle Cactus represents hope and endurance in harsh conditions.

The decor throughout the temple uses shade of green, red and orange to mimic the landscape of the area.

The Tucson Arizona is rich with Latter-day Saint history. The Mormon Battalion stopped in Tucson, and have several monuments dedicated to the sacrifice of the people who served in the Mormon Battalion. “Tucson was one of [the battalion’s] very important stops,” President Hinckley said at that time. “The erection of this monument becomes a memorial to their courage, to their valor and their … marching ever westward to build a road to California.”

According to Church historical records, the battalion’s trek across Arizona eventually led to many pioneer settlements and 33 members of the group returned to participate in the colonization of the territory.

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