March 20, 2024

The Gilbert Arizona Temple Fun Facts

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The Gilbert Temple is the 142nd dedicated temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The Gilbert Arizona was the 4th temple built in Arizona following the Mesa Temple(1927), Snowflake Arizona Temple(2002), and the Gila Valley Temple(2010). A fifth temple was built in Phoenix(2014) and a sixth in Tucson(2017).

The Gilbert Temple was announced in 2008 and dedicated in 2014.

The Gilbert Arizona is 85,326 square feet. It is the largest temple the Church had constructed in 17 years!

The exterior is light cream-colored precast concrete with white quartz. 

President Thomas S. Monson presided at the dedication of the Gilbert Arizona Temple, but at his request, the prayer in the first dedicatory session was offered by President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency.

The agave plant is a repeated theme throughout the Gilbert Temple. You can see the agave plant on the beautiful, large windows throughout the temple done by the Holdman Studios.

The agave plant was selected for its symbolism of life, rebirth, growth and abundance. The head architect of the Gilbert Arizona Temple said this of the agave plant "beside the beauty, color, and rich texture of these plants, at the end of the life cycle many of the agave plant species willingly and beautifully give up their life for those who will follow, in like manner as what the Savior did for us."

A blue, green and earth-tone color scheme is used through the temple’s interior. Stone used within the temple includes honey gold light limestone and tiberias gold limestone; types of wood found in the temple include eucalyptus and white oak.

The Governor of Arizona, Governor Brewer, came through the temple during the open house and described the temple as "a beacon of hope, faith and love to all those who came to this sacred building and its beautiful grounds. It is a special place. . . a place of spiritual refuge in this troubled world. This temple is also a testament to those who came before you. With faith, fortitude and devotion to God, Mormon pioneers settled much of this state, including what would be the town of Gilbert."

In the dedicatory prayer they said "May this, Thy house, be a sanctuary of serenity, a refuge from the storms of life and the noise of the world. May it be a house of quiet contemplation concerning the eternal nature of life and of Thy divine plan for us."


"Temple of the New Millennium" by Chad Hawkins p 286-287

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