November 9, 2023

Palmyra, New York Sites and Stories

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Palmyra New York, is where is all began for restored Church of Jesus Christ. The first prophet of this dispensation, the Prophet Joseph Smith, grew up in Palmyra. It was in Palmyra where God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith. It is also in Palmyra where the Golden Plates were taken from the Hill Cumorah and the translation of the Book of Mormon began.

Sites to See in Palmyra, New York

Smith Family Home and Sacred Grove:

Palmyra Temple is built on the land of the Joseph Smith Family. The Palmyra Temple has amazing facts, stories and symbolism. Click the link to find out more.

Alvin Smith's grave site

Martin Harris Home, it was through the efforts of Martin Harris that The Book of Mormon was printed. The Lord provided Martin Harris with the means and knew Martin Harris had it in his heart to contribute all to the Kingdom of God. Learn more about Martin Harris from this link: Martin Harris, sites and stories

Grandin Building

Hill Cumorah Visitors Center

Whitmer Home(35 min. drive from Sacred Grove)

Priesthood Restoration Site(2.5 hours away from Palmyra)

Joseph Smith Palmyra Stories

First Visions quote by Wilford Woodruff

Lessons Learned from the First Vision

Evil Efforts Get the Plates from Joseph Smith

Lucy Harris Trying to Find the Gold Plates

Stories from Palmyra Era of Church History

Joseph Smith finding the “Right Person” to obtain the Gold Plates Before Joseph was allowed to obtain the Plates from the Hill Cumorah, he was told he needed to find "the right person" to bring with him to receive the plates. It took Joseph a long time to figure out who "the right person" was, and it was Emma Hale. It was together with Emma that the Lord allowed Joseph to obtain the plates from the Hill and commence the translation.

The Three Witnesses of The Book of Mormon This blog post is an overview of what occurred with the Three Witnesses of The Book of Mormon, how it came about and who was involved.

Women Witnesses of the Book of Mormon In the beginning pages of The Book of Mormon there is the record signed by the three witnesses and again a paragraph of the 'eight witnesses' but there were even more witnesses of The Book of Mormon, there were women witnesses that are lesser known. On this blog post you can read about the women who were right along side the men while translating The Book of Mormon.

Emma Smith Interview on the Authenticity of The Book of Mormon. After the death of Joseph Smith, his wife Emma was asked about her role in the translation of The Book of Mormon and this blog post is about her interview.

Aftermath of Palmyra Years

It is also fun to understand that 84 years after the Saints left Palmyra, a young family was called to serve on the Joseph Smith Family farm in Palmyra, this was the Willard Bean family. This family was called to take care of the Joseph Smith Family Farm and help improve Latter-day Saint relations with the people of Palmyra. Purchasing the Smith Home land, and the “Fighting Preacher.”

Palmyra Temple This post is a compilation of faith based stories and information all about the Palmyra Temple. The articles share how the building of the Palmyra Temple came to be, and the special requests from the Prophet Gordon B. Hinckley inspired windows that are unique to the Palmyra Temple. The Palmyra Temple is very special to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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