December 12, 2023

Martin Harris, sites and stories

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Martin Harris was one of the first supporters of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Martin was a neighbor of the Smith family, and trusted the family. Martin is most famous for being one of the three witnesses and also losing the 116 page manuscript. There is so much more to the life of Martin Harris, and learning from him and all that he did in the early days of the Church is powerful.

General Information

For general life information on Martin Harris click the link here: Get to know Martin Harris

Stories from the Life of Martin Harris

Best Talk on Martin Harris. Dallin H. Oaks the member of the First Presidency is related to Martin Harris. Elder Oaks teaches of the importance of the life of Martin Harris, and how it changed the course of the Church.

Martin Harris Tests Joseph Smith. Martin Harris is a sceptic, he did not want to look like a fool for believing in Joseph Smith. There were multiple times that Martin Harris tried to catch Joseph Smith in a lie. Of course, Martin was never able to catch Joseph in a lie, and each time Martin gained stronger confidence in the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and Joseph Smith as a Prophet. Here is a story of Martin trying to 'catch' Joseph in a lie.

Sites to see

Martin Harris Home in Palmyra, for a list of more sites in Palmyra New York click here: Palmyra, New York Sites and Stories

Kirtland Temple

Three Witnesses Monument, Richmond Missouri

Martin Harris is buried in Northern Utah, for more information and sites in the area click here: Latter-day Saints, Sites and Stories from Northern Utah

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