October 4, 2023

Feather River California Temple Fun Facts

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The Feather River California Temple was announced by President Nelson in 2018.

The Feather River California Temple is the Church’s 184th dedicated temple worldwide and is one of California’s 12 total temples — dedicated, under construction, under renovation or in planning and design. Six dedicated temples are found in Los Angles, Oakland, Fresno, Redlands, Newport Beach, San Diego and Sacramento. A temple is under construction in Yorba Linda. Medesto, San Jose, and Bakersfield are announced and in different planning phases.

The Feather River Temple was built on the property of the area's Stake Center. The Stake Center served the community for over four decades. The Stake Center was razed to build the new temple. Many parts of the Stake Center were donated to churches in the area.

 One of the main decorations of the Feather River Temple is the almond blossom, which is regionally significant. The almond blossom is symbolic for many different religions. For the Jews, the almond branch was the model for the menorah, and for the Christians, it is a symbol of Jesus' virgin birth. The almond blossom is also a symbol of bravery and courage, purity, hope and love. From Greek mythology, the almond blossom is a symbol of eternal true love, unconquerable by death.

The interior art glass — such as the second-level arched windows and that in ordinance areas — focus on the almond blossom, with the blossoms’ natural colors against a backdrop of yellow fading to blue. The interior lighting is comprised of brass fixtures, with crystal added in ordinance areas.

Inside the temple, the general carpet pattern is based in part on early Christian architecture, with the green colors representing farming and rice fields in the area.

The carpet carving, inside the temple, highlights the almond flower to coordinate with the art glass, while the rug designs suggest an open field of local wildflowers and the California poppy, the state flower.

The landscape plan for the Feather River temple was inspired by the mediterranean climate of the Sacramento Valley and the area’s rich history and biodiversity. The design incorporates several mature native oak, redwood, and hackberry trees already on the site.

The stone flooring features marble in beiges, golds, greens and whites, complimenting the carpet colors and representing local flora.

A 100-year-old olive trees was transplanted from a local orchard, which will be arranged in groves both in front of and behind the temple.

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