January 16, 2024

Winter Quarters Collection of Sites and Stories

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Visiting Winter Quarters Today

Overview of Winter Quarters, Omaha Nebraska Know before you go, information on visiting Winter Quarters today, click the link.

Winter Quarters Temple Information

10 Interesting Facts about the Winter Quarters Temple. The Winter Quarters Temple has a special history, and unique landscape. The Winter Quarters Temple is built on the hill of the pioneer cemetery. This cemetery along with the heart wrenching history, makes this temple unique. Learn 10 Facts about the Winter Quarters Temple from the link above.

Winter Quarters Temple Quotes. This blog post is full of quotes by Latter-day Prophets and apostles on the importance of Winter Quarters.

Winter Quarters Temple Windows. The windows of the Winter Quarters Temple are unlike any others. The windows tell the history of this special place.

Stories of Pioneers from Winter Quarters

Joseph F. Smith Collection with Sites and Stories. The prophet Joseph F. Smith and his family were one of the many families that stopped in Winter Quarters on their way from Nauvoo to Salt Lake City.

Mary Fielding Smith, Life and Legacy. Mary Fielding Smith, the mother of the prophet Joseph F. Smith and the wife of Hyrum Smith, had to figure out how get her family safely across the plains. Mary Fielding Smith was a very strong and determined woman that did the best for her family. Click the link above for stories of Mary Fielding Smith.

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