May 22, 2023

Special Experience of Thomas S. Monson in Samoa

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President Thomas S. Monson had a truly loving heart and taught by example. He wanted the member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to see how imperfect people are what the Lord uses to bring about His purposes on the Earth. There are countless examples of the Thomas S. Monson being told by the Sprit of God to act, and beautiful experiences came from his listening to that Spirit. In the book “To the Rescue, a biography of Thomas S. Monson” there is a great experience of a time Thomas S. Monson was in Upolu, Samoa showing the children the Love of God.

In 1965 the young apostle Thomas S. Monson journeyed to Samoa and had a stop at the school in Sauniatu. After, the meeting Elder Monson felt prompted to greet each child at the school, but kept kept questioning if it was the ‘right time’ and worried about if his schedule would allow the time delay.

Here is the story:

“As Elder Monson spoke to them, he felt prompted to invited the 200 youngsters to come forward and shake his hand one by one. He first dismissed the thought because of his tight schedule, but the prompting came again. He asked the person in charge if he might personally shake the hand of each child. The administrator responded with an outburst of joy, explaining, “Our prayers have been answered. I told the children that if they had faith, and that if they all prayed that the apostle of the Lord would personally greet each one of them when he visited Sauniatu.”

Thomas S. Monson taught by example. When retelling of this experience he explained the challenges in acting on that prompting. He was worried that it would inconvenience many of while he took time for the children. He also worried about the time restraints. He did not know automatically that the thought had come from the Lord, but when the thought came again he recognized the importance of acting on the prompting. Thomas S. Monson always did a great job of making sure people knew he was human and simply trying to do the best he knew how.

In this simple story it is clear the love the Lord has for the children. The Lord heard the prayers of faith of those children and knew what His apostle needed to do. Elder Monson, following the prompting carried out the Lords work for those little children. The Lord has a work to do and He will use each of us to carry out his purpose on Earth. This moment is an example of how acting on the promptings, even when the result is unclear, can be an answer to sincere prayer.

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