August 29, 2023

Pageants in Nauvoo: The Nauvoo Pageant and British Pageant

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If you are in Nauvoo in July and the first week of August do your best to attend BOTH the Nauvoo Pageant and the British Pageant. There are two different Pageants that happen in the same location. The British Pageants and The Nauvoo Pageant alternate days of the week through the month of July and the first week of August. Both are done very well.

The Nauvoo Pageant is on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and the British Pageant is on Wednesdays and Fridays. Most people who are traveling to Nauvoo have heard about the famous Nauvoo Pageant, but the British Pageant is just as good(if not better, in my opinion). Both pageants are done very well, and if you have to pick only one, I would vote the British Pageant, my kids would vote the Nauvoo Pageant you can’t go wrong seeing either on.

The Nauvoo Pageant is more well known, and therefore had more people in the audience, so plan accordingly. Both pageants had enough seating for all, but if you get their early enough, you can get better seats. They open up the area to save seats at 2:00 on the day of the performance. There are large groups that save seats for their tour busses, so get their early, because the good seats do go fast.

Over View of Both Pageants

The Nauvoo Pageant is about the history of Nauvoo, the gathering of the people, the persecutions and the joy’s of the Saints, building the Nauvoo Temple. It goes over the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, and the staring of the great city of Nauvoo with all the struggles. It also talks a little about the Relief Society, and Jane Manning. It is a good performance, with great actors and fun songs. It is done very well.

The British Pageant is about the Twelve apostles all going over to Europe at the same time, during the time of Joseph Smith. The Pageant shows how the Lord prepared the people for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be taught. The British Pageant was more about missionary work, and the hardship the early European Saints endured to follow the Lord, and the blessing the gospel is.

For more information on the Nauvoo Pageant click here

For more information on the British Pageant click here.

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