September 26, 2023

Importance of the Red Brick Store, Nauvoo Illinois

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Joseph Smith's Red Brick Store is one of most important historical buildings in Nauvoo. Many pivatal historical events happened in this building, that changed the course of the Church.

The original Red Brick Store opened for business in 1842. On the main floor of the store there were goods for the Saints to shop, and there was the office of the bishop of the church, Bishop Newel K. Whitney. This office served as a tithing office. They still have the original desk of Bishop Newel K. Whitney on display in his office.

The second floor included a large council room, and the office of Joseph Smith. This served as Church headquarters and the cities social center.

Why is The Red Brick Store Important

One of the most notable events of the Red Brick Store was the organization of the Relief Society. In March 17, 1842 the Relief Society was organized with Emma Smith as the first president(Doctrine and Covenants 25:3).

Joseph Smith's private office was upstairs in the Red Brick Store. In this office Joseph Smith translated sacred writings, including the Book of Abraham.

The First Temple Endowments, in this dispensation, were given in the Red Brick Store on May 4, 1842. Before the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith he gave endowments to more than 60 people. The temple endowments were also given to people in the Homestead, the Mansion House and Brigham Young's Home.

The prophet Joseph Smith gave a blessing to his son, Joseph Smith III on January 17, 1844 in the Red Brick Store, that influenced the life of the son of the prophet Joseph Smith.

The Young Gentlemen and Young Ladies Relief Society, the start of youth programs was formally organized at the Red Brick Store on March 21, 1843. William Walker was president.

In the Red Brick Store, the Prophet Joseph Smith instructed the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the upcoming move to the West. This meeting was on February 20, 1844. Joseph said "I instruct the 12 to send out a delegation and investigate the locations of California and Oregon and find a good location where we can remove after the temple is completed and build a city in a day and have a government of our own in a healthy climate."

Regular prayer meetings were held in the Red Brick Store.

Rebuilding the Red Brick Store, Nauvoo

After the death of the prophet Joseph Smith, the Community of Christ Church used the building to hold their meetings but the 1890's the building fell in to disrepair and was torn down. Some of the original bricks were used in other buildings around town. The Red Brick Store was reconstructed in 1978-1979, from the foundation of the original Red Brick Store.

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