February 28, 2023

Get to know Howard W. Hunter

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Howard W. Hunter is the fourteenth president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Howard was born in Boise Idaho on November 14, 1907.

Howards father was not a member of the Church and when it became time for Howard to get baptized his father said “no”. After much pleading from his mother and Howard, his father finally allowed him to be baptized, in April 1920, when Howard was twelve years old.

President Hunter was a very talented musician. He learned to play the piano, marimba, the violin, the drums, the saxophone and the clarinet. When Howard was 19 years old he formed his own orchestra and named it “Hunter’s Croonaders.” His group signed a contract to play for two months on a cruise ship called the S.S. Jackson.

Howard moved to California where he worked for a bank while he was attending college in the evenings.

After three years of courtship Howard married Clara May Jeffs on June 10, 1931 in the Salt Lake Temple. They were blessed with three children.

In 1959 President David O. McKay asked Howard to come to his office, and there received a call to become one of the Twelve Apostles on October 15, 1959.

In 1983, President Hunters wife, Clara passed away from brain disease. President Hunter had taken care of his wife more many months before she passed away.

President Hunter married Inis Bernice Staton in the Salt Lake Temple on April 10, 1990.

President Hunter was giving a speech at BYU University on February 7, 1993 when a man hurried up to the podium with a suitcase that he said was a bomb. He held the suitcase up to President Hunters ear. He demanded that everyone leave the stage except for President Hunter. He told President Hunter to read a message he had given him and the prophet refused. The audience suddenly began to sing “We Thank Thee O God for A Prophet.” The signing distracted the intruder and people were able to able to subdue him until the police arrived. Writers note: “As one who observed this event as it unfolded, I must say how very much I was impressed with this great man and his courage. He didn’t even flinch or waver and when the police carried Mr. Judy from the building, President Hunter continued his speech, saying only, ‘Life has a fair number of challenges-as demonstrated.’ It was amazing!”

President Hunter was set apart as Prophet on October 1, 1994 after the death of President Ezra Taft Benson.

President Hunter dedicated the Bountiful Temple on January 8, 1995.

President Hunter served as prophet from June 5 1994-March 3, 1995. President Hunter passed away from Cancer, the cancer had spread to his bones.

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