September 6, 2022

Latter-Day Saints Boise, Idaho Temple

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-The Boise Temple is the second temple built in Idaho. The first temple was the Idaho Falls Temple built in 1945.

-The groundbreaking ceremony happened on December 18, 1982.

-The Boise Temple sits on a 4.83 acre site.

-The Boise Temple was dedicated on May 25-30, 1984 by Gordon B. Hinckley. President Gordon B. Hinckley spoke at all twenty four dedicatory sessions. There were four sessions a day for six days. Each time President Hinckley spoke at a session he would give new insight and wisdom concerning the house of the Lord.

-There had not been so many dedicatory sessions held, for one temple, since the dedication of the Salt Lake Temple!

-The exterior of the Boise Temple is made from white granite from China.

-In 1939, the leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints expressed interest in building a temple in Idaho. There were 15 prominent business men that offered the Church ANY available site in Boise. The main problem was there were more members in western Idaho than in eastern Idaho, so the temple was built in Idaho Falls instead.

-President Heber J. Grant was the prophet that informed the saints of Boise that they would not get a temple in 1939, but he prophesied that when the membership increased substantially then the Boise Temple would be built.

-At the dedication of the Boise Temple in 1984 President Benson said ”Today we are witnessing the fulfilling of that prophecy made forty-five years ago.”

-The Saints in Boise Idaho did such an amazing job doing temple work the first two years after the Boise Temple was built, it was much higher than anticipated. The Boise Temple was running at 102% capacity! Because of the faithful work of the Saints in Eastern Idaho, two years after the temple was dedicated, it was closed for an addition. They added a new baptistry, a cafeteria, additional dressing rooms and expanded office space.

-The Boise Temple was closed again in 2011 for another extensive renovation. They changed the outside of the temple from a dark stone to a white granite stone. The grounds were changed, the and an engineering building was added. They also added a new angel Moroni statue a top the tallest spire.

-In the 2011 renovation they added a Syringa Flower(the scientific name for the lilac) and a tree motif. This can be seen in the art glass and decorative paintings. In a quick google search the Syringa Flower represents purity and innocence, also spring and renewal.

-President Thomas S. Monson rededicated the Boise Temple on November 18, 2012.

-The Boise Idaho Temple is a sister building to the Dallas Texas Temple and the Chicago Illinois Temple.

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