April 12, 2023

Saratoga Springs Temple Storm Miracle

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Last year the youth in our area had the chance to go sit outside the new Latter-Day Saint Saratoga Springs Temple. While on temple property the youth were privileged to hear from “Temple Missionaries.” They are a couple missionary that had had their contractors license from before being missionaries and were called to help supervise the building of the Saratoga Springs Temple. This couple had many things they were asked to do and some of them were to help oversee the temple building process, and write down a history of what occurred during the temple building time, give tours to youth and other groups.

The cute senior missionaries couple taught the youth of the miracles that temples are, and how wonderful it is to be alive during a great temple building period, and their importance in Gods work.

Saratoga Springs Temple Storm Miracle

There were a couple amazing miracles that the Temple Missionaries were able to see first hand with the building of the Temple. The first miracle, the Missionaries shared, was the difficulty in keeping rain water out of the Celestial Room. Every time a rain storm would roll in, the Celestial Room would get the brunt of the water damage. The construction workers worked hard to get the roof of the temple on as soon as possible because every rain storm created problems. While working on the roof, the way the roof was built it created a large bowl and would funnel all the water, from every storm into the top room of the temple, which is the Celestial Room.

With every storm the temple construction workers would work to stop the water from leaking into all the different areas of the temple, and the rooms beneath. It was always a huge mess. They would be out with shop vacs, doing whatever they could to get the water out of the temple as quickly as possible, and always fearing the next rainstorm.

After struggling with this problem on multiple occasions, the temple builders decided pray for the temple to be protected from the rainstorms that were in the forecast. It was monsoon season in Utah and members were praying and fasting for more rain at the same time the Saratoga Temple workers were praying for no rain to make it into the temple. If the Saratoga Temple was to be hit by another rain storm it would set back the building another month. The construction missionaries said the construction workers would have to replace drywall and start over in the room every time a rainstorm came in.

The Storm

One day the weather forecast showed a large storm in the Saratoga Springs area. The Temple Missionary said he saw the storm coming right for the Temple. He said it looked like a wall of water was headed right to the temple. All the construction workers were extremely concerned about the effects this storm would have on the temple, it could set back the temple for weeks. The Lord heard the prayers of the construction workers and the Saratoga Springs residences because right before the storm came to the temple site, the storm split! The wall of water broke into two walls of water and went on each side of the temple, missing the temple, and answering the prayers!

It was simply a miracle!

The construction workers and the Temple Missionaries witnessed the power of God that day. That storm was the biggest storm of the year and it missed the Saratoga Springs Temple completely! The building of the temple was able to go on without re-doing the work that they had already done and the prayers of the faithful had been answered, both those praying for water and those praying for the Temple.

Others, in the area, recounted being there for the storm and seeing it split in two, missing the temple. One recounted “how odd” it was to witness, it was a strange way for a storm to act. All the missionaries and construction workers could not believe what they were seeing and knew it came from God. The Lord knows what needs to be done, and through prayer, our will aligns with the Lords. The Lord showed the people of the area answers to their prayers and the progress of the temple was able to go on.

President Nelson spoke on miracles in the April 2021 conference saying:

“Many of you have witnessed miracles, more than you realize. They may seem small in comparison to Jesus raising the dead. But the magnitude does not distinguish a miracle, only that it came from God. Some suggest that miracles are simply coincidences or sheer luck. But the prophet Nephi condemned those who would “put down the power and miracles of God, and preach up unto themselves their own wisdom and their own learning, that they may get gain.”

Miracles are wrought by divine power by Him who is “mighty to save.” Miracles are extensions of God’s eternal plan; miracles are a lifeline from heaven to earth.“

President Nelson asked for the members of the Church to look for Miracles every day, and he promised we would see more. The Lord has promised us miracles and they are all around us. The Saratoga Temple Storm Miracle is just one example of millions that happens every day. Miracles can help remind us that we are eternal being with eternal relationships. It is wonderful to hear how the Lord helped the progress of the Saratoga Springs Temple. These miracles are like messages directly from heaven, from a loving Heavenly Father letting us know that He is aware of our efforts, and is always there to help!

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