September 28, 2023

Rebuilt Edward and Ann Hunter Home

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The Edward Hunter two story brick home is located on the South East Corner of Partridge and Knight Street. This home was recently restored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and finished in 2020. The original Edward Hunter home was there for over a century, and the in 2020 it was restored to what it is today.

Background of the Edward Hunter Home

Edward and Ann Hunter moved to Nauvoo in 1842 just two years after their baptisms. Edward was a wealthy land owner in Pennsylvania when he met the missionary Orson Hyde and chose to be baptized along with his wife Ann.

A neighbor of the Hunters H. W. Vallette said, “I only felt that if a man like Edward Hunter, whose name was a synonym of upright probity, of sound sense and discernment, could be brought to believe in these things, what right had I or others of less understanding to … ridicule them.”

One of the reasons the Church decided to rebuild was because of the revelations dictated by the prophet Joseph Smith in this home. There was ongoing harassment to the prophet Joseph Smith while he was living in Nauvoo. The Hunter family let the prophet hide in their home. While hiding in this home the prophet dictated the text of Doctrine and Covenants 128, about baptisms for the dead. The prophet recorded this revelation in the presence of Edward Hunter and William Clayton. Some say he also dictated Doctrine and Covenants 127 while in the Hunter Home.

LaRene Porter Gaunt said this of the Hunters: “When the Prophet was put on trial in Springfield, Illinois, Brother Hunter was there. After the Prophet’s acquittal, Edward offered his home to the Prophet as a place of safety. Loyal and devoted, Edward became one of Joseph’s bodyguards. During this time, Brother Hunter enjoyed the confidence and friendship of the Prophet. . . . Of this time, Brother Hunter said, “The two years I was in Nauvoo with Joseph, it was one stream of revelations.”

After the death of the prophet Joseph Smith, leadership of the Church gathered in the Hunter Home, namely Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball and Willard Richards to write the "History of the Church." They did this while hiding in the upper room of the home.

Edward Hunter was a member of the Nauvoo City Council and met with the Illinois Governor, Thomas Ford to petition for protection for the Saints in June 1844. Edward Hunter also helped bury the prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum after their deaths.

Edward Hunter went on to lead a company of Saints to the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. He served as a bishop and became the third presiding bishop after the death of Newel K. Whitney. He served in his calling as presiding bishop for 30 years!

Touring Edward and Ann Hunter Home

The tour for this home is in "the temple district" Nauvoo Tour. There are a couple different stops on this tour. Starting with the William Weeks Home, Bishops tithing house, the brick sanding station, and ending with the Edward and Ann Hunter Home. Every stop on this tour is packed full of fascinating information, and fun Church History stories.

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