December 1, 2023

Prophet George Albert Smith, Sites and Stories

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General Information on George Albert Smith

For general information on Prophet George Albert Smith, click here: Prophet George Albert Smith

Stories from the life of George Albert Smith

While serving as an Apostles, George Albert Smith approached the man living on the Smith Farm in Palmyra New York. He was able to negotiate the price of the land and purchase the Smith family farm for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Purchasing the Smith Home land, and the “Fighting Preacher.”

George Albert Smith, along with many other prophets is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. You can read more about that here: Prophet’s Graves at the Salt Lake City Cemetery

George Albert Smith had a vision of the Oakland temple, 37 years before it was built. To read more about the Oakland temple, and the amazing vision of George Albert Smith click here: Oakland California Temple Information

George Albert Smith dedicated the Idaho Fall Temple, click here to read more: Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

George Albert Smith dedicated the monument of Brigham Young's birthplace. Read more about it here: Brigham Young’s Birthplace Monument

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