October 17, 2022

Pioneers of Snowflake, Arizona

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Settling Snowflake Arizona

The area of Snowflake Arizona has a rich Latter-Day Saint Pioneer History. The hardships and the sacrifices made by the Latter-Day Saints is evident in the area. In 1877, the prophet Brigham Young called five families to go settle the Arizona Territory. William Jordan Flake, and his his two wives were one of the families.

Snowflake Arizona was founded in 1878 by William Flake, a longtime member of the Latter-Day Saints Church, and Erastus Snow, an apostle of the Church.

Flake and part of his family had been in the area to sell wool and purchase Utah cattle when he crossed path with Erastus Snow, who had been assigned to direct the colonization efforts in Arizona.

Flake accounted to Snow the struggles and failed attempts to establish settlements along the Colorado River. Flake sought a better location for his family to live a bought a ranch on Silver Creek. After hearing the account of what Flake had been through Erastus Snow praised him for his efforts.

Erastus Snow suggested they name the town after the combination both of their last names, and Snowflake Arizona came to be. From this meeting plans were made to establish a permanent town.

This is the monument on the corner of Center Street and Main Street to commemorate this meeting between William Flake and Erastus Snow. Though, the roadside meeting was short, it impacted generations.

This monument depicts a Jesse N. Smith standing by a wagon that seats Ira Hinckley, the same Ira Hinckley that helped build Cove Fort, and Gordon B. Hinckley's grandfather. Also, depicted in the monument are Erastus Snow, William J. Flake and Lucy Flake holding her daughter Roberta.

Sponsored by the Snowflake Heritage Foundation, this monument was dedicated on July 21, 2000, by James E. Faust on behalf of LDS Church.

The efforts and struggled of the early pioneers are the foundation on which future generations live. The hardships and the sacrifices of the noble men and women, made a better life for their families. Today we are reaping the benefits of their sacrifices.

In a quote by President Gordon B. Hinckley he said:

“With so great an inheritance, we must go forward. We must never let down. We must hold our heads high. We must walk with integrity. We must “do what is right [and] let the consequence follow” (“Do What Is Right,” Hymns, 1985, no. 237).

Remembering, studying and acknowledging the sacrifices of those who have come before can help us see our lives more clearly and the legacy we are leaving in our wake. If you are driving through Snowflake Arizona stop and see these monument dedicated to those who came before!

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