March 5, 2023

Mary Noble Impressions of the Prophet Joseph Smith

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Mary B. Noble was a school teacher in Avon, New York when Joseph Smith came from Kirtland Ohio to her fathers home, and these were the impressions she wrote of her meeting the prophet.

“This was the first time I ever beheld a prophet of the Lord and I can truly say as the first sight that I had a testimony within my bosom that he was a man chosen of God to bring forth a great work in the last days. His society I prized, his conversation was meat and drink to me. The principles that he brought forth bind the testimony that he bore of the truth of the Book of Mormon [and] made a lasting impression upon my mind. . .

Brother Joseph and Elder Rigdon held a meeting in Geneva, which was called the Orson neighborhood, in a barn. Elder Rigdon preached, Brother Joseph bore testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon, and the work that had come forth in these last days. Never did I hear preaching sound so glorious to me as that did. I realized it was the truth of heaven, for I had a testimony of it myself.”

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“The Witness of Women, Firsthand experiences and Testimonies from the Restoration” by Janiece Johnson and Jennifer Reeder (p. 50)

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