February 17, 2023

Eunice McRae Pioneer Women

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Latter-Day Saints in Missouri in 1832 were under attack by the vicious Missouri Mob men. There was so much contention and animosity between the two groups. The problems escalated. Many were caught in the middle of the mess, especially women and children, who were left defenseless.

The strength of the Latter-Day Saint women is evident in every story of this time. The women were able to face the mob men with conviction and courage because they knew their Heavenly Father was with them and through Him all could be accomplished.

Eunice McRae lived in Far West Missouri in 1832 when the governor of Missouri issued the “Extermination Order” for Latter-Day Saints living in Missouri. Alexander McRae, Eunice’s husband was arrested and taken to Liberty Jail with the Prophet Joseph Smith.

Missouri Mob men were going house to house ransacking the homes looking for anything of value, but were claiming to be looking for counterfeit money and dyes for making money.

Four Missouri mob men came to the home of Eunice while her husband was in prison and she had two small children at home with her. The men tore apart her home, searching in cupboards, dressers, searching through everything! When they couldn’t find what they were looking in the cabin the men tore up part of the floor and started to dig down, throwing the dirt out. When they still didn’t find anything they turned to the door and prepared to leave.

Eunice McRae stood in front of the men and said:

Gentlemen, you have had your fun, now put all that dirt back in the hole you took it from, and put the floor down as it was, and clean the floor.  The first man who attempts to leave before it is completed will get killed."  

They quickly complied. They could see that she meant it.. 

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