November 11, 2023

Jacob Hamblin, the Peace Maker

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One of the many beautiful things that comes from the gospel of Jesus Christ, is the understanding that all people make a difference in this world. With the help of the Lord, great things can be accomplished, Jacob Hamblin was an example of that principle. Jacob Hamblin was a simple pioneer, used as an instrument in the hand of God. Jacob helped to bring peace between the Native American Tribes and the Settlers. The efforts of Jacob Hamblin helped keep peace, and lives were saved.

Jacob and his family were called to settle in Santa Clara Utah, just outside of St. George area by Brigham Young. Jacob was called on a mission to get to know the Native American Tribes, mainly of Southern Utah. This was a lifelong mission for Jacob Hamblin. Jacob discovered that he had a talent to understanding the Native people, he became great friends with members of different tribes, learning their ways and teaching the Natives the ways of the pioneers. Jacob was a person the Native Americans began to trust, and with the help of God, the two groups learned to do a great work together.

Jacob worked to understand the Native Americans and taught the other settlers how to understand the Native, also. Often when large problems arose between the Natives and the Pioneers, Jacob was brought to work through. On multiple occasions when tensions were high Jacob was almost killed and great wars were on the verge. If it was not for the work of Jacob Hamblin and protection from God things could have been very different for the Utah Pioneers.

Jacob was promised the protection of God in his many interactions with the Native people and he took his responsibilities very seriously. He would never bring any kind of weapon when communicating with the Native people, he put his life in the hands of God. Trusting God, Jacob was protected from death.

There was great pressure put on Jacob to calm the tensions with the Native people. He knew if peace talks did not work the damage between the settlers and the Native Americans could be catastrophic. One of the most tragic events of Jacob Hamblins life was when he went with a group of brethren to attempt peace talks with a group of Natives, when George A.(the son of George Albert Smith) was killed by the Natives. It was heart wrenching from Jacob to leave the body of his friend, while fearing for his life and the lives of the other men in the party. After returning home Brigham Young asked Jacob to return, again, and retrieve what was left of the body of George A. It was heartbreaking for Jacob Hamblin to return again to one of the most agonizing scenes of his life but retrieved the body of his friend, and returned it to his family. It was a gruesome, dangerous experience.

More than once was Jacob Hamblins life in the balance. He led a very adventurous life, depending always on his Savior for protection. Jacob trusted in God to get him through each challenging experience, and gave credit to his Heavenly Father when he was able to get home again. Jacobs trust in a loving Heavenly Father is the best part of his story. He did not go into peace talks with angry Native Americans camps without help, he trusted his God. He knew how to trust in Heavenly Father, and to trust in the promises he had received.

Jacob Hamblin's stories are truly remarkable!

Today, you can tour the house of Jacob Hamblin in Santa Clara Utah, just outside of St. George. It is fun to learn about lesser known people from history.

Jacob Hamblin in Snowflake Arizona

In the Snowflake Arizona Temple hangs a painting of Jacob Hamblin meeting with Native Americans on horseback. This painting symbolizes the uniting of groups of people, in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jacob Hamblin started a tradition of listening, and learning from each other. He respected the Native Americans and taught the other pioneers how to do the same. Even though there were multiple wars and struggles between the two groups there was also uniting and understanding. Jacob Hamblin was a trailblazer when it came to befriending and understanding the Native Americans.

Jacob Hamblin, along with the Snowflake Arizona are both symbols of joining all people. Together through Christ, we can all be one. Jacob Hamblin was an example of how to build bridges of understanding, it is fitting to have his portrait in the Snowflake Arizona Temple symbolizing we are all one in Jesus Christ.

Jacob Hamblins Home in St. George Utah

Years ago on a trip to St. George we stumbled onto the Jacob Hamblin home, the cute missionaries at Brigham Young’s house told us to take a tour of Jacob Hamblin’s home across town. It was a highlight of the trip. Finding stories and connections to the past, is like a treasure hunt. We did not know about Jacob Hamblin’s or his home until that visit.

The missionaries that gave us the tour around the Hamblin home did a great job igniting a desire to learn more about the early pioneers in the St. George area. After visiting the Hamblin home we took a tour of the St. George Temple visitors center and the senior missionary that gave us the tour also shared stories of Jacob Hamblin. This particular missionary was a great-great grandson of Jacob Hamblin and recommended a book of him.

Jacob Hamblin had a pivotal role building bridges of understanding with the Native Americans in the area around St. George. Jacob was a translator, and a friend to the different groups of Native Americans, and spent his life helping other settlers learn and understand the ways of the Native people.

The life of Jacob Hamblin is an amazing read. Jacob Hamblin did not just help the area around St. George, but helped Native people and settlers all throughout the United States, specifically Arizona, and the New Mexico area. Although it is fun to tour around his house in St. George to learn about Jacob Hamblin it is fun to see his influence on other areas throughout the western United States.

More on Jacob Hamblin

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