December 13, 2022

Mary Fielding Smith and the Oxen blessings

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Mary Fielding Smith is a rockstar when it comes to handling though situations! She had been through so much, and she kept up the fight, she did not give in! Mary’s strength came from a loving Heavenly Father that was with her every step of her hard journey. Mary’s perseverance is a blessing to all of us today! The problems she was able to overcome are miraculous! Her faith in the Savior Jesus Christ made every triumph possible!

Wyoming Problems

It seems like in many pioneer stories the problems hit in Wyoming. After that length of the journey animals, wagons and people start giving out. This was the problem with Mary Fielding Smith’s oxen. The wagon train was between Platte and Sweetwater rivers, Wyoming when one of Mary’s best oxen lay down in the yoke, and would not move. The record said, it seemed as if the animal had been poisoned, everyone thought the animal would die. This caused a stir in the wagon train, the other wagons in the train pulled up to see what had happened. This caused the captain, Cornelius Lott, to come see what was going on. This is the captain that treated Mary and her family very poorly from the very beginning, Captain Lot. He having no patience for Mary or of the situation said:

“He is dead, there is not use working with him, we’ll have to fix up some way to take the Widow along. I told her she would be a burden on the company.”

Mary said nothing to the Captains lack of help and impatient remarks. She simply went to her wagon and returned with a bottle of consecrated oil. Her brother Joseph Fielding and James Lawson administered to the animal, and her son Joseph Fielding laid his hand on the head of the ox and blessed it. A moment after the administration the animal stirred, the animal rose and started pulling the wagon again, as though nothing had happened.

It was not long after that this happened again, with one of Mary’s best oxen, “Old Bully”. Mary responded the same way, retrieving the consecrated oil and having the animal blessed! This animal was, also healed and was able to carry on as though nothing happened!

Twice these oxen were blessed! These oxen meant so much to the family. They were their transportation, there was so much hope resting on these animals, no wonder Heavenly Father was willing to heal the oxen for this family. Heavenly Father is ready and willing to help us, it is us, that need to ask.

Mary showed us strength and faith, when she did not react or fight with the Captain. The Captain criticized and antagonized Mary much of the way, but Mary held her head high and brought her problems to her loving Father in Heaven for His help, and that’s all she needed. The Captain did not matter to her, her faith was stronger than his criticism. With the Savior on her side she could accomplish all that was asked of her! She’s so stinking amazing!!

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Places to visit while learning about Mary Fielding Smith:

Birkshire, England- Mary’s birthplace.

Kirtland, Ohio- where she met her husband, Hyrum Smith.

Nauvoo, Illinois- where she lived when her husband died.

Winter Quarters- she lived waiting for her trek West.

Sweetwater Wyoming- where her oxen were healed.

“This is the Place” park- Her home in Utah is perserved.

Salt Lake Cemetary- Where Mary is buried next to her sister, Mercy.


”Mary Fielding Smith, daughter of Britain: Portrait of Courage” by Don C. Corbett

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