May 6, 2022

Dedication of the The Chicago, Illinois Temple brings healing from the past

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The building of the Chicago Illinois Temple was a big deal. It had been many years since there had been a temple in Illinois. There had not been a temple in the whole midwest, after the Nauvoo Temple had been abandoned and destroyed, until the Chicago Temple.

The dedication of the Chicago, Illinois Temple was dedicated in 1985, this was almost 140 years since the early Saints left Nauvoo under threat.

Before, the dedication of the Chicago Illinois Temple, Gordon B Hinckley spoke to the group of Latter-Day Saints about the trials of the early Saints and the blessing it is to have a Temple for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints back in the state of Illinois.

President Hinckley said, ”I have a feeling that the erection and dedication of this House of the Lord carries something of a redemption of what happened in the past. It brings together the tradition of Nauvoo and the blessings of today… I think there is an unseen audience today. I cannot escape the feeling that God, our Eternal Father, and the Risen Lord today are looking down on us. I am confident Joseph and Hyrum, who gave their lives in testimony of this work-who gave their lives and were buried in the soil of Illinois- are looking down on us. I am grateful for this day when another temple now stands in Illinois, built in an environment of peace, goodwill, appreciation, and respect.”

Dedication of the Chicago Illinois Temple

In the dedication ceremony of the Chicago, Illinois Temple Gordon B. Hinckley again, spoke about the sacrifice of the early Saints in the city of Nauvoo, leaving Illinois and the trials they went through.

Gordon B. Hinckley said ”We of this generation remember Nauvoo… We think of this sacred edifice which stood high on its hill. We remember with appreciation and gratitude those who built it. We recall their sacrifice when they were driven from it. Knowing they soon would be banished and with many of their numbers already gone, they chose to complete it.

…O God, we thank Thee for the inheritance of faith that has come down from that generation. We thank Thee for a new and better day when our people have returned to this area, and large numbers have been added to Thy Church in this part of the nation.“

“We are mindful that Thy prophet Joseph, and his brother Hyrum, were martyred in Carthage and were buried in Nauvoo, Illinois, at a time of terrible conflict and persecution. May there now be peace and goodwill in the land. Bless the officers of this state and nation that they shall stand firmly for those principles of freedom and equity which were written into the Constitution of the United States under Thine inspiration.” 

President Hinckley was constantly reminding the Saints of his day about the sacrifices of the Saints in past times. He made an effort to remind and connect the Saints to each other. The Chicago Temple was a reminder of the past persecutions, the lessons learned but also that healing can happen. The Chicago Temple was a step to healing and the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings peace to the hearts of the people and to the Earth.

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”Temples of the New Mellenium” by Chad S Hawkins

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