November 18, 2023

David Whitmer Sites and Stories

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David Whitmer was one of the Three Witnesses of The Book of Mormon. David, along with Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris were shown the plates, by an angel of the Lord. Their witness account is printed in every Book of Mormon.

General Information on David Whitmer

Who is David Whitmer? This blog post is for general information on who David Whitmer and his connection to Church History, with quotes from his experience with the angel showing him the plates.

David Whitmer finding Joseph Smith

David Whitmer’s Miracle. One of the best stories from Church History is the miracle that David helped David Whitmer get his work done to go help Joseph Smith to translate the Book of Mormon. David Whitmer did not think he would be able to help the young prophet because of the work he needed to get done. When his field was mysteriously plowed. This story took place in upstate New York.

David Whitmer Missouri

David Whitmers Grave, Richmond County Cemetery, Richmond Missouri. David Whitmer was buried in Richmond County Cemetery in Richmond Missouri. David left the church, but never denied his testimony of what he saw and what the angel showed him. He was always a good member of society, and did good in his community.

Whitmer Family

Importance of the Whitmer Family, and Whitmer Home. Find out more about the Whitmer family and what they meant to the early Church.

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