October 5, 2023

10 Facts on the Moses, Lake Washington Temple

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The Moses Lake Washington Temple is the Church’s 182nd dedicated temple

The Lake Washington Temple was announced by President Russell M. Nelson in 2019. The dedication of the Lake Washington Temple was done by Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

There were three Temple dedications happening on the same day the two others were the Brasilia, Brazil, and Bentonville, Arkansas Temples.

The Moses Lake Washington Temple is the fourth Temple in Washington following the Seattle, Spokane, and the Columbia River Washington Temple.

The Moses Lake Washington Temple is 28,933 square feet.

A rectangular cupola and spire sit above the temple’s center, and exterior walls are made of Branco Cristal granite, quarried in Portugal. This house of the Lord stands on a site of 17.2 acres, containing also a 17,000-square-foot meetinghouse.

The art glass was designed by the architectural team and uses an apple blossom motif. For artists and writers apple blossom signifies the arrival of spring, regeneration and the wonder of nature.

Inside the Temple there are prevalent patterns of crops in the region, such as designs of potato blossoms, alfalfa blossoms, apple blossoms and cherry blossoms.

The border pattern is a prairie-style design that reflects the Native Americans who inhabited the Moses Lake area long before the first farm was settled. 

Elder Cook said this at the dedication of the Moses Lake Washington Temple dedication: "This means that the salvation of the whole human family is interdependent and interconnected—like the roots and branches of a great tree. The work performed in the Lord’s temples allows us—and our families—to be eternally connected to our loving Heavenly Father. Having a temple of the Lord in Moses Lake is truly a supernal blessing. As one of the Savior’s Apostles, I testify of the divinity of the Savior and the reality of His Atonement and that under the Father’s direction He guides this celestial work of salvation and exaltation."


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