June 9, 2022

Windows of the Mount Timpanogos Temple

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Pic Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

One of the most beautiful elements of the Mount Timpanogos Temple are the beautiful windows throughout the whole building.

The big main windows of the temple are designed using frosted glass, that is laid horizontally. By using this method it makes the window appear like it is flowing water. They also added chunks of glass that are embedded to appear like large sections of falling water. The pattern etched into the glass gives the impression of water running down the windows. It is simply beautiful to look at.

The windows on the top part of the spire are made with a glass called dichroic glass. Dichroic glass is made by layering metals on the glass that allows the color to shift when viewed from different angles. Depending on where the light is coming from the spires will have different colors. It is the dichroic glass that makes the bright green vertical strips of glass on the north and south windows appear magenta, the opposite color, when the interior lights are on at night.

Some people wonder why we put so much effort into the small details of the Latter-Day Saint Temples. The small details are what make something stand out. The Mount Timpanogos Temple is a beautiful building, the windows help add to the elegance. None of the finishes compare to the sacred ordinances that are done inside the building. The sacred ceremonies are what truly make the temples the most wonderful buildings on Earth today!



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