December 5, 2022

Willies Handcart Rescue Site Historical Marker

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The Willie Handcart Company Historical Landmark was erected by the members of the Lyman Wyoming Stake in 1933.

Inscription: Captain James G. Willie’s Handcart Company of Mormon emigrants on the way to Utah, greatly exhausted by the deep snow of an early winter and suffering form lack of food and clothing, had assembled here for reorganization by relief parties from Utah, about the end of October, 1856. Thirteen persons were frozen to death during a single night and were buried here in one grave, Two others died the next day and were buried nearby. Of the company of 404 persons 77 perished before help arrived. The survivors reached Salt Lake City November 9, 1856.


42° 26.324′ N, 108° 37.393′ W. Marker is near South Pass City, Wyoming

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